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Volunteer Pit Bull Needed: Animal Adoption

I am a breeder of American Pit Bull Terriers. I do NOT sell the animals but provide the dogs to underprivileged families as pets. Since I have no male dogs and 7 female Pit Bulls I occasionally need a male "volunteer" Pit. Several of my dogs are currently expecting but 2 have just had puppies and are ready to breed.
To date, we have given away 16 wonderful puppies. We screen households carefully and make sure they understand the importance of having their adopted animal spayed or neutered.

If you own a purebred male American Pit Bull Terrier and would like to help contribute to our cause by volunteering your dog please contact me. My dogs are healthy and see a Veterinarian regularly.

Contact: Andy -  TerrierGuy@Yahoo.com
This Is Disgusting! 28.Jan.2007 14:52

Spay/Neuter Your Companion Animals

Andy, sounds like you are pimping out your dogs and living off the profits. Animals are not ours to exploit or profit from. Shame on you! The world does not need more dogs and cats. What is needed are more loving, lasting homes for the animals that are already here. You are only adding to the over population problem. There are many rescue organizations and shelters who are trying desperately to find forever homes for dogs/cats currently in foster care. Why are you ONLY interested in purebreds? You sound like a backyard breeder and are a big part of the problem of too many unwanted, neglected and abandoned animals. You need to get your current dogs spayed and get out of the pimping business.
Indymedia please remove Andy's post, this is nothing short of "animals for hire."

if you are 28.Jan.2007 15:23

truly providing to underprivileged

then you would spay or neuter them before adoption
you are simply adding a cost to a family who often
cannot meet their own needs

5 thumbs down

Take Your Own Advice 28.Jan.2007 17:09

Practice What You Claim To Preach

I agree with S/N Your Companion Animals. This is really Bull. Not Pit Bull just plain and simple Bull Shit. You obviously don't give a damn about your dogs or the dogs you are bringing into an already over crowded world. You mention not a word about temperament, genetics, quality or health checks for communicable/sexually transmitted canine disease. All you want is an AKC stud dog. Why? Because AKC dogs bring in 2-4 times the amount of money than mixed breed dogs. AKC is not a guarantee for quality it is merely a way of upping the asking price, bringing undeserved 'status' and attention to you and your dog and making AKC into a multi-billion dollar dog exploitation corporation.
"Underprivileged" people/families usually have enough financial responsibilities and worries. The one thing they don't need is "another mouth to feed," vet bills, cost for training classes, spaying or neutering, licensing, pet deposits, toys, collars, leashes, crates, adequate fencing, water and food dishes, bedding, flea control products, possible increase in insurance rates and annual inoculations.
You are overlooking the fact that pit bulls are not for everyone and everyone is not for pit bulls. They require very special homes and very special people.
You say you encourage new owners to have their animals spayed/neutered. Might I suggest you take your own advice and do the same with the 7 females you already have and their unborn off-spring.

Andy, please consider the well being of the dogs. 28.Jan.2007 17:21


I appreciate that you think you are doing something nice for people. And yes, you are probably making people very happy by letting them bring a piptbull home as a new member of the family. But please, Andy. Listen to the people who posted the comments above. Are you even aware of all the homeless pitbulls (and other breeds too) that are DESPERATE for homes? Please please PLEASE stop with the puppy mill, no matter how good your intentions. The fallout is too great to contemplate.

And there is another thing. Andy, whether you are aware of it or not, dog fighting is a very big problem in this city. Shitheads snap up pitbulls and force them to fight each other. It's a hideously awful place for a dog to wind up. Some of your puppies (or their puppies) are probably already out there suffering from the cruel ignorance of the people who took them. It would be better for them not to be born than to be born into a life like that.

"Breeding" any animal is an exploitive and thoughtless thing to do. Please stop it. For the dogs, and for those of us who have had to mop up after the irresponsibility of people like you, I beg you to stop. It's just not right.

Andy is one sick puppy himself 28.Jan.2007 19:47

Bob Barker

Hey Andy on December 29,2006 you posted a message on Indy's Animal Rights Topic Page claiming you had 4 adult females and 6 pups. In less than a month your adult population has grown from 4 to 7. Where and how are you acquiring these pits? I think someone needs to check this dude out. Andy does not deserve these dogs as he has proven to be an irresponsible guardian to animals.

Stop Breeding 28.Jan.2007 19:53


Stop breeding, and don't use indymedia as an advertising site.

You HAVE to be kidding 28.Jan.2007 21:10


This is a sick joke - right???

You could go to any dog control shelter. They are being killed by the dozens! Very few rescues will touch them with a ten foot pole! One pit puppy was brought to the shelter with it's guts hanging out from being pit bull bait for the adult pits. Get a life.

please write him 28.Jan.2007 21:59


everyone, please send your comments to the email address he listed (maybe you already did), because who knows if he's even checking indymedia!

"Andy "Is Trying To Stir Things Up 29.Jan.2007 10:42


Andy is a fake! Sent him an E-mail at the address he provided and it bounced back as "unknown." Hey Andy as someone has already suggested ..... GET A LIFE!

Volunteer Pit Bull Needed: Animal Adoption 25.Feb.2007 07:36


I've read my share of BS, but yours tops the list. Underpriveleged families need a purebred pit bull? Come on!!! You must really think we're all stupid?
First of the families are in need, it's not for another mouth to feed. Second, why a purebred dog? I agree with all others who have negative comments. You should be ashamed of yourself.