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Army Officer Facing Court Martial Being Sold Out.

Attorney for the defense schemes
with military prosecutors to
swindle his client, Lieutenant
Ehren Watada.
Reporting from Washington.

In a few days, neighbor to the state of
Oregon, Fort Lewis, Washington, will be the
center of attention around the court martial
of U.S. Army Lieutenant Ehren Watada. As an
Army veteran myself, I support the statements
of the first U.S. military officer to refuse
orders to Iraq when he says:

"If Americans believe the war is wrong, they
should be doing everything they can to stop

I would even go so far as to mention that
Lieutenant Watatda's attorney, Eric Seitz, a
Hawaii licensed lawyer, plans to do his client
in, even when it is illegal under the
constitution to do so. And if he does, any
other person who might face future criminal
charges not connected with the Watada episode
in the state of Washington or Hawaii, must
never seek Seitz's counsel as a lawyer.

Washington Post newspaper disclosed that on
June 22nd, 2006, U.S. Army Lieutenant Ehren
Watada declined to board a plane for Kuwait.
From Kuwait, it is where those U.S. troops
receive equipment and orders. Because of
refusal to accept these illegal orders, where
his unit would have eventually arrived in
Iraq, Watada is charged with missing movement
and conduct unbecoming an officer. Army
Spokesman Joe Piek said that, "Lieutenant
Watada took an oath and to obey commanders".

Following that uncovering by Post writers,
it made public that in the Style section of
the Washington Post newspaper for Thursday
January 4th, 2007, that the defense for
Lieutenant Watada will be:

"Questioning the war publically is not conduct
unbecoming an officer but an excercise of
free expression". The lawyer further adds that
Lieutenant Watada had a right to miss movement
because he was refusing to participate in what
he deems as an illicit enterprise". But the
defense of freedom of expression will not fly
because there is no such thing as freedom of
expression when based upon observation you have
refused illegal orders by virtue of a conscience
moral principle. That is force. And if Army
prosecutors want to get technical when they
mention the fact that Watada took an oath,
swearing to obey his commanders, there is
something else the defense attorney is not
bringing to light: "The United States Armed
Forces is a volunteer military, which means the
United States cannot force members of the military
to fight illegal wars. The Watada court martial
violates the rights of the defendent as it relates
to the First Amendment "to peaceably assemble and
petition the government for a redress of
grievances". Post newsbriefs state in the January
4th, 2007 issue that prior to the plane boarding,
Lieutenant Watada attempted to bring this matter
to the attention of commanders "in a dignified
manner", and when he was ignored, followed up with
resigning his Army commission. Military commanders
were not happy with that decision, and hense the
current controvesy that will begin in early February.

Lastly, Watada's rights are being violated under
the 13th Amendment--prohibition of slavery in the
United States. And because his attorney is selling
his client out, that in itself is a 6th Amendment
violation: "The assistance of counsel for his
defense". Eric Seitz is a defense attorney, not
an assistant prosecutor. If Lieutenant Watada loses
in this court martial, be it by plea bargaining or
what his lawyer is not doing---zealously representing
him, then attorney Eric Seitz and America needs to
lose ten times more than the punishment for
Lieutenant Watada.
supporting link 28.Jan.2007 14:00

Joe Anybody

Thanks Elijah

Also A Reminder Link to:
Support Lt Watada at Ft Lewis 2-5-07

Take the Bus from PDX to Ft Lewis an Indy Link Here -->

supporting link enclosed 28.Jan.2007 14:14

Joe Anybody

Thanks Elijah

Also A Reminder Link to:
Support Lt Watada at Ft Lewis 2-5-07

"Take the Bus from PDX to Fort Lewis" an Indy Link Here -->

I dont understand 28.Jan.2007 21:22

how do you mean

sold out? Are you saying Seitz is incompetent or that he has somehow been bought? Please be clearer