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With These Hands I Demand the Future that Poverty Wages Have Stolen from Me

With these hands I demand the future that poverty wages have stolen from me. Farmworkers returning from picking tomatoes bought by companies, such as McDonald's, show hands stained with pesticides and heavy with hard work.
The Coalition of Immokalee Workers is declaring that they are tired, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, of "relying on the goodwill and understanding of those who profit from exploiting us," and are escalating their campaign to convince McDonald's to end human rights violations in its supply chain.

As their first major action in this new phase of the campaign, they are organizing two days of action in McDonald's corporate backyard, Chicago. The CIW will hold a march and protest outside McDonald's corporate headquarters in Oak Brook, IL, on the 13th to be followed by a day of colorful street protests in downtown Chicago in the Latin American tradition of "Carnaval" on the 14th.

The CIW is asking all the communities who stand in solidarity with the CIW join us this April 13th and 14th in Chicago to demand a fast-food industry that doesn't rely on the endless exploitation of farmworkers.