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Super Bowl Parte'

Super Duper Bowl Sunday is a "special event." Why not make it REALLY special?
To be effective when demonstrating against the establishment, ya gotta hit em where they live, WHEN they live.
All those rogue coppers would be really pissed, if someone were to do something to fuck up their day of couch potato on steroids. Would it not be fun to create a call out situation? The borg would be very upset at having to watch the bowl on their ipods or company phones, while missing out on all the jo jos, salami, and beer.
It would be truly special, if they all had to be out on the mean streets, trying to figure out what the PEOPLE are gonna do next.
Yeah 28.Jan.2007 08:57

you know

during that three or four hour period nothing of renown can possibly happen. Rest in peace, at least during that period, they will not start the Iran war. Maybe afterwards...

Right On 28.Jan.2007 09:50

Sowi Gonow

With the coppers fully gorked out upon shit food and beer, we can have our way out here. Bring plenty of tin foil to fry the heat ray canon.