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Photogs from the J27 march in Seattle

At least 1000 people took to the streets in Seattle WA. to oppose the Occupation of Iraq, first gathering at the Center for Social Justice on Union Avenue and then marching to the Langston Hughes Center, where Lt. Ehren Watada was to be the Keynote speaker.
Before the march a few speakers fired up the crowd. Especially memorable was a speech given by Eleanor Roosevelt, who rose from her place of rest to blast the Bush Administration. She was followed by brief statements by Veterans of the war in Iraq.

Along the way the crowd stopped off at the local military recruiters center, which was on the path of the march. They had been informed earlier in the morning that, due to an alleged break-in at the office the night before, they would not be allowed to protest at that location.

That's not exactly how it played out, as the crowd filled the parking lot, joining together in enthusiastic chants, which eventually led to a small amount of pepper spray and one arrest. The office was shut down, much to the satisfaction of the community, who then continued on to their destination.

Prominent in the event were members of Iraq Veterans Against the War Deployed, who led the march, speaking out loudly in defense of Lt. Ehren Watada, facing a Court Marshall at Fort Lewis on February 5, 2007 for refusing deployment to Iraq. He is the first commissioned officer to take this bold step. The crowd was urged on several occasions throughout the event to please attend the rally in support of Lt. Watada, which will be taking place at exit 119, near the gate to Fort Lewis on February 5, from noon on. Included in this brief report are some photographs taken along the way.

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