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Local Solidarity Peace demonstrations

In solidarity with the peace marchers in D.C., we stood with our Peace flags on the foot bridge over Hwy 99 in Oregon City. We have brought our flags there several times, but it felt like a good place to start our day. There were many positive responses from drivers. Boy was it cold though! The wind was whipping up through that tunnel and nearly ripped the flags from our hands. A young couple stopped by as they walked over to the viewpoint for the Willamette Falls. The young woman, who works for the city of Oregon City, gave me her warm mittens and thanked us for what we were doing. I was very grateful, because without those gloves, I would have had to head for warmth a lot sooner.

From Oregon City, we went to the Oak Grove Vigil on McLoughlin and were very pleased to see that there were around 35 people standing along both sides of the roads with signs and flags. As most of you know, these folks come out every Saturday from noon to 1 o'clock. We were pleased by the many positive responses we received from those driving past. One elderly man in a rather large truck gave us the thumbs down, but now I know at least one of the 28%ers. Looked a lot like Karl Rove.
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