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Call Earl 231-2300 on troop withdrawal HR508.

House Rep. Earl Blumenauer (Portland, Oregon) has refused to make any clear statement as to why he does not support a withdraw of troops from Iraq in HR 508. Many other democrats against the Iraq war have signed this. Call Earl and report your call results here.
Call Earl (503) 231-2300 and then post the results of your call on Indymedia.

Ask Earl to publish his clear reasons why he can't sign HR 508( Troop withdrawal in 6 months) Three women House Representatives have introduced HR 508. It takes a "man" like Earl to talk tough and then refuse to sign any commitment. Earl has become spineless before and it helped to have the calls posted here for the sake of history and the media.

Full Text of the resolution on the link below
Press release from Rep. Waters

Three main ideas in HR508:
1) Revoke the previous Iraq war powers given to the President
2) Pull out military and contractors in 6 months
3) Ban US military bases in Iraq

Here is a summary of HR 508
-- Introduced on January 17th, 2007 by Representative Maxine Waters (CA-35), Representative Lynn Woolsey (CA-6), Representative Barbara Lee (CA-9)

-- REPEAL OF PUBLIC LAW 107-243. The Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 (Public Law 107-243; 50 U.S.C. 1541 note) is hereby repealed.

-- DISENGAGEMENT OF UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES AND CONTRACTOR SECURITY FORCES FROM IRAQ. Withdrawal of Armed Forces- Not later than the end of the six-month period beginning on the date of the enactment of this Act,


-- The Department of Defense has failed to adequately support United States Armed Forces in Iraq

-- The occupation of Iraq has made the United States economically and militarily weaker, has made the United States less safe

-- It has enhanced the recruitment of terrorists, and has diminished America's prestige and influence in the world.

-- The civil war in Iraq was predicted by United States military commanders before the 2003 occupation of Iraq.

-- The Iraqi people participated in elections to directly elect a full-term government. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and other high-ranking Iraqi Government officials, as well as leaders from the Sunni, Shiite, and Kurdish communities in Iraq, have since called for a timetable for the withdrawal of United States Armed Forces from Iraq.

-- Accelerate the training and equipping of the military and security forces of the Government of Iraq;

-- Turn over all internal security activities and military operations in Iraq to the elected Government of Iraq not later than the end of the six-month period beginning on the date of the enactment of this Act.

Should also ban US oil companies 27.Jan.2007 15:42


We should also ban US oil companies in Iraq, such as Chevron and Exxon, which are now close to cinching the deal, the whole reason why we went there.

waste of time 28.Jan.2007 18:02

non voter

Writing letters to chicken shits won't help anything 'cept give 'em something to wipe thier asses with.

I'm sure you disagree though, so who gives a rats ass anyway?

what are you talking about? 28.Jan.2007 19:54


i talked to blumenauer's office and they didn't refuse to give an answer to anything. blumenauer has cosponsored hr413, which ends the authorization and requires a withdawal of troops, and he introduced hr663 which requires a withdrawal and much more, including prohibiting the us from getting its hands on iraq's oil. look it up here: thomas.loc.gov.

stop the disinformation 28.Jan.2007 23:02


Blumenauer has refused to support the Kucinich plan or the co-sponsors of HR 508. They are all calling for a termination of funds for the occupation. They are saying that the remaining authorizations (from September) should be used for withdrawing the troops and related matters, and no more money should be further authorized.

Blumenauer is trying to finesse his way out of this, just as he did when he "signed" the Declaration of Peace, but refused to support the companion piece, the McGovern Amendment, which would have ended funding months ago. Blumenauer knows that Bush can keep the war going only if the next funding authorization goes through, so he's co-sponsored and created weasel-worded "alternative" legislation that calls for ending the "authorization for military force", but not for ending the funding. Like fish, I recommend that you research it yourself so you understand what a swine he is.

show me one quote 28.Jan.2007 23:40


from blumenauer where he says he supports more funding for the war. when he opposed a cease fire in lebanon, he said so.

ive heard him say again and again that congress should use the power of the purse to stop the war. he's voted against funding every time, too.

you've obviously got something against the guy, but don't tell me that he supports the war.

never mind 28.Jan.2007 23:45

Joe Rowe jrowe@igc.org

I read Earl's bill. I guess he is on board with something that's even stronger than HR508.

Blumenauer's voting 01.Mar.2007 15:33

JEFF MOORE jmoore@bainbridge.net

Last September Blumenaur voted for the Defense Appropriations Bill HR 5631 221-2.
This and most legislation get no coverage, yet shape our world very powerfully. This bill together with all the defense bills since 2002 are astonishing in the following ways.
They go out of their way to give lattitude of half of our federal spending to the Sec. of Defense (Rumsfeld at the time). The lattitude is absolute; with language to the effect of "you may spend $400 on anything in the U.S. interest in your opinion", What this means is that U.S. forces deal with outmoded equipment, rejection of health care (back home), and doing the dirty work for U.S. thugs (corporations). The bills are a renounciation of ANY Congressional oversight of spending of half the bugdet.
Most ominously the bills specifically enunciate the power to create private armies, corporate armies, both here and abroad. The "Secretary" may fund any group, or "entity" in the world.
This gave Rumsfeld authority over the funds to shape the war in Iraq and New Orleans (both experiencing ethnic cleansing of sorts). But mostly it enshrined for years to come groups like Blackwater, MMPRI, and many other "entities" here and abroad that by definition will have no oversight from anyone except the "Secretary" and then only if they happen to be killing on our countries behalf.
Blumenaur's vote was in part to privatize war, to take violence out of the hands of any democratic control.
To be fair to Blumenaur, he's only one of 172 members of the "opposition" that voted for all of this shit virtually all of their votes.
I spent 2 months reading about 20% of the legislation passed in the last 5 years. Most of it is fluff. All of it is horribly confusing and convoluted reading. But finding out how our system works has been a obsession of mine since Vietnam. I particularly read the bills that passed unanimously or with high disproportion of yeas and nays.
No critisism of our "Blumenaur's" can be adequate, if you care about this planet. That said, the people who pass the legislation that corporations offer to Congress are quite vulnerable to love and hate, You don't have to hate people of course, just policy, and them by extension if they continue to destroy this diverse planet and the diverse people on it. I, live in Washington and specifically read what my Blumenaur (Maria Cantwell) voted on. If you link to altbuzz.org, click on Aaron Dixon and click on "A vote for war-A vote for Peace, Why Movements Matter", I've posted about a third of what I summarized. The rest lies uneditied.


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