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Vancouver, WA weekend solidarity actions for DC Peacemakers

About 48 people turned out for the street visibility at noon in solidarity with the peacemarches in DC
About 48 Vancouverites turned out today for the solidarity actions in DC. We held numerous hand-made signs, banners and flags under bright sunshine and cold, brisk winds. There tons of hornhonks. One reported several flip-offs to which he holds up TWO fingers! One guy came, arguing briefly, but didn't stick around.

I saw many familiar, beautiful friends, and lots of new ones. Mike T. took digital pictures and agreed to post them here.

Three of us were away. Marion Ward and Cindi Fisher are in DC for the march and lobbying, and Angie Lindquist is on a safari, after finishing up at the World Social Forum in Nairobe, Kenya.

Bring the troops home NOW. No more $ for the troop surge!

Vancouver for peace will lobby our 3 legislators Monday in solidarity with those lobbying in DC. We will meet Monday in front of the Marshall House to bring letters to Sen. Murray and Cantwell, and then go over to Baird's for the same at the Howard House. These will be brief stops. These 3 congress people have signed NOTHING to bring our troops home and they've had ample opportunity. Let us sink it into their brains, No more deaths, No more dollars. gk.