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They Can Try to Control Us

Bush's new anti-crowd ray gun -- In a case of Alcoa versus Raytheon, it can be defeated and used against the users with aluminum foil.
As the article suggests, the beam can be reflected back on the oppressors. With some thought and rehearsal, the front line of an action could actually reflect and refocus the beam by forming in the shape of a parabola. Its basic drill team stuff.

January 26, 2007 -- Save your aluminum foil "hats." According to a technology expert who is familiar with the Raytheon Active Denial System (ADS), tested January 24 at Moody Air Force base in Georgia, the millimeter microwave directed beam weapon can be defeated by a crowd of people using aluminum- or gold-coated Mylar to conduct the beam to ground or even direct it back to the Humvee housing the ADS system. Although the Humvee is shielded, any law enforcement or military personnel standing near the Humvee would get a burning taste of their own medicine if the directed beam were reflected back to its source or to a crowd of police. In addition to aluminum or gold coated Mylar, Mylar reflective space blankets, aluminum coated windshield heat protective screens, and more sophisticated and precise corner cube retro-reflectors or Luneburg spheres can all be used to reflect the millimeter wave beam back to its source.

The source we spoke to also revealed that the ADS technology has already been used in Iraq against civilian rioters even though the Pentagon claims it will not be deployable until 2010. The source added that even if the ADS Humvee is present at the anti-war march in Washington tomorrow, Raytheon would not permit its use because of liability issues stemming from potential eye damage and human rights violations. However, WMR has learned that Raytheon is offering the ADS technology to police departments and as a component of home security alarm systems.


Lets Face It , This Is War 27.Jan.2007 14:21

Old Farmer

All the marches and protests in the world arent going to do anything , I'm afraid. We will be herded into our free speech zones like cattle and the Powers That Be could give a rats ass about our will , our tax money, our country , and most of all , our kids and grandkids. This is about money , and we are pawns. Its time to seriously consider the next step, folks. We are being occupied by a government that ignores us and does not have our best interests at heart. We are being robbed by the same gang of thugs that purports to be "defending" us. I have always been a pacifist , but this week am going to buy a rifle and start stocking up on ammunition. We have to drop the assumption that our present government gives a damn about us. We may have to fight to get our country back. I hate this , but am afraid it is true.

not money, POWER 27.Jan.2007 16:21

fight imperialism

I have to agree. It's going to come down to a war in the streets, unfortunately. I've known this for decades. The Congress will not assist us. They are either complicit or being held hostage in some way.
One thing I do disagree with is their motive. It's not about money. They already have all the money they could ever want. What they want goes far beyond capital. This is about Global Domination. Global hegemony or imperialism. Pick your term. Zbignew Brezinski spells it all our for us in his book "The Grand Chessboard".

Next time you hear somebody say, they're doing it for the money, please correct them.

sadly interesting stuff 27.Jan.2007 16:29

JOE ANYBODY iam@joe-anybody.com

Thanks for the link, A Freeman

Don't mind if ...

I pick up and run with it do you?

If not, then check this link I put together


5ringsof power 27.Jan.2007 16:40

loner with a bomb

maybe this short book will help
you'll need something as you've nearly lost everything

we will prevail 27.Jan.2007 23:15


Alex Jones and Mike Malloy both have guns in their possesion, they talk freely about the neo-cons. We need more media people like them to give the right a major nut crushing!

Armor? 28.Jan.2007 05:33


The way the situation stands today, any effective (i.e. not corraled into a "Free Speech Zone") protest is going to be met with force on the part of the authorities, no matter how peacefull of pacifist the gathering is. Think about it, when is the last time you heard of a major say 300+ people protest that was not shut down with mace/pepper spray/CS/concussion bombs/rubber bullets/ or that old favorite, the police baton?
I say we armor-up!
Fine, keep it peaceful. No "offensive weapons", but you can make body armor comparable to what the cops have, you can buy gas masks, you can paint your slogans on sheilds.
With the police unable to cause debilitating pain to protesters, it you force them to take more extreme measures, however. This could be a bad thing or a good thing. On one hand, it might wake people the hell up, but on the other, do we really want more dead protesters like in Gutenberg?

I've got to ask some of my SCA geeks about this...

It dosen't matter... 29.Jan.2007 15:32

alex jones

if it's a good or bad thing. It will be fun crushing the nuts of as many of the Bush Crime Syndicate and their supports as we can