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Family Terrorized at the Hands of State Agency

On Dec 23rd 2002, Little T.J. Carroll died in a drowning accident. Thus began the nightmare for this childs family. Florida child Protective Services had T.J.'s siblings in State custody before this childs body was cold! The abuse suffered while in State custody and the battle that has insued and still continues is gut wrenching. Is there help for this Family out there? Which of us will be next to suffer from the hands of Child protective services?
Dec 23rd started as a normal day for the Carroll family. It was the first day of Christmas vacation. The children watched cartoons, relatives dropped in to visit, and Mom was doing her usual chores. While Sandie's {Mom} attention was diverted with cleaning up, TJ and his Sister Karrissa snuck out to play. It ws only a few minutes before Sandie heard the horrible screams alerting her that something was seriously wrong. Sandie dashed outside and was informed by a panic stricken Karrissa that TJ had fell into a neighborring pool. The pool was located behind an empty house surrounded by a fence with holes in it and no gate. Sandie immediately took action and dived into the pool to rescue her son. She could not swim herself but managed to get the child to the surface and hold him there while screaming for Karrissa to call 911. The pool, unattended for quite sometime, was freezing cold and filled with slime. Frantacally sandie tried to keep her son above the water as she herself sank into the murky depths of the pool. Her children looked on in shock and horror waiting for their Mother to drown also. The paramedics and Sandies Husband arrived at the same time. Sandie pleaded with the paramedics to save her little boy. TJ had a slight heartbeat when placed in the ambulance for transport. Upon arriving at the local hospital the attending Phicisian made a choice to ex-ray TJ. Something the family to this day doesnt understand. TJ was suffering from hypothermia and needed to be warmed. In a short time Sandie was allowed to see TJ who was conscious. Sandie assured her son that he was going to be OK. He was then life flighted to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola. The parents after making arrangements for care for the other children arrived shortly after TJ only to be informed that TJ didnt make it. The parents were led to a room where they could say their goodbyes to their precious little boy. Upon returning from Tj's deathbed, they were met with a Child protective Service worker, and a detective. Sandie was questioned at length. The Sw then wanted to know the where abouts of the other children. She claimed this was for the purpose of interviewing them concerning the accident. Once she was privy to the childrens where abouts she then informed Sandie that she would be removing the children from their home. At this point Sandie and her Husband had to race to where the children were in order to tell them the news of their brothers death before strangers snatched them away from their family. While there the CPS workers debated back and forth on wheather or not to remove the children finally deciding to do so. Then began the track back and forth to court where at one point a Judge actually told Sandie to sit down and shut up and blamed her for TJ's death. False allegations of marijuana use were made against Sandie. These allegations were proven unfounded and Sandie passed all drug testing. Thus began these childrens journey thru the system and a parents fight for their children. Since 2002 these children have been passed around from kinship care to foster parents. Homestudies were ordered but never completed. Visitation was ordered but never allowed. False accusations made that were never founded. Eventually Karrissa was placed in a mental Health facility after one foster Mom made claims that this 12 yr old child was committing sexual abuse against the other children. In the institution she was given a sexual aide and informed how to use it. The SW's now under threat of accountability for their false allegations are persueing TPR based on false allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct perpertrated by the parents. The parents are now being accused of committing these sexual atrocities not only against their own children but also several other family members, neices, and nephews. These children are now in early adulthood and capable of speaking on their own behalf. These children deny that any such sexual misconduct ever happened. Why isnt the judge listening to them?? Why hasnt anyone been listening throughout the past 4 yrs? It has n been three years since Sandie has seen her youngest son, Nicholas. Are we as the general public going to sit back in the supposed safty of our homes and wait for such a tragedy to occur to us or one of our own Family? Will we not stand up for what is fair and just in our country? I for one cannot rest until this family is made whole again. Thanyou Sandra Carroll Authors Note: The name of the Author and the Mother in this story is purely coincidental. We are in no way related. Please follow provided link to view website in honour of TJ.

homepage: homepage: http://www.safe.zoomshare.com

I'm Sandie (Mom) 27.Jan.2007 15:26


Please, help make my family whole again. We have done nothing wrong, we love our kids so very much and just want to bring them home.

P,S Don't think for a second the same thing could not happen to you or your family member because it can.

Heartfelt ... 13.Feb.2007 10:56

Crystal Martin parentvictims@netscape.com

Dear Sandy and family, This article, although no surprise to me, made me break down and sob. I am currently involved in a bitter dispute with CPS, regarding false allegations of abuse against my children. Although not nearly as horrendous as your story, it has been a nightmare. I can only say to you that my thoughts and prayers are with you, and for all of your children. I will keep bringing you back together as a family in my prayers. Your pain is unimaginable. I am currently writing an article, "Code of Silence: CPS Criminals" for my web site (http://www.parentvictims.com) to expose the atrocities of these agencies, nationwide. I purchased a book recently by Brenda Scott, "Out of Control: Who's Watching Our Child Protective Agencies?" It seems for decades these criminal agencies have been permitted to operate above the law. I am working on parent awareness. These agencies have escaped criminal prosecution and been permitted to illegally drug our children, child pornography (through the use of the penile and vaginal plethysmograph), illegally abduct and detain our children, the list is absolutely endless - and what about the number of children who have been raped and murdered in foster homes? I am encouraging every parent I can possibly reach to take a stand. ALL PARENTS NEED TO JOIN HANDS AND TAKE A STAND - and then, maybe we can make a difference. Please know how sorry I am for your pain. If I can be of any help at all, please let me know. Sincerely, Crystal (parentvictims@netscape.com)

I completely understand!! 13.Feb.2007 16:56

:Clyde-Earl: Young clydeeyoung@yahoo.com

My Condolences to Sandy and her Family: Our story was somewhat different in that it was a building tension between these homicidal sociopaths who call themselves public servants and my own family. My wife and I had been married for five years and only had one son. We raised our son for eight and a half years, and for one accusation of "Child Abuse",(which they never had to prove), My wife and I were violently arrested, had bogus trumped up criminal charges placed against us with an outrageous amount of Bail (nearly one quarter of a million dollars cash only), and they had their way with us like the Nazi's with the Jews. Their Incursion took place at ~01-29-2003 and our parental rights were terminated at ~12-04-2003, my wife and I haven't seen our son Michael or been permited any contact since December 17th, 2003. They never even considered Kinship and lied from the beginning and the lies are perpetual. I found in United States Code Section TITLE 18 sec. 1961 what the definition of Human Traficking and Racketeering is. Like You, I cannot rest until my family is restored and these crimial police, CPS/DCFS workers Attorneys, Judges, so-called "experts" and every conspirator and colluder is brought to justice, so that they may never serve in a position of Public trust again!

I know just what you are going through 14.Feb.2007 15:38

Misty Blodgett lilwolfmisty@gmail.com

I know just what you are going through Sandy and my prayers are with you and your family. My family was tore apart, because my ex husband molested all 5 of our daughters. He was left out on the street for 3 months while they took the children into foster care. My 16 year old has a permanent back injury, because she fell out of a tree in foster care and the foster mom told her that her hurting was " all in her head". My now 20 year old and my 15 year old were so drugged up they looked like zombies. My 10 year old was given up for adoption. My 15 year old has a baby, because she ran away from foster care for 10 months and was living on the street when she got pregnant she came to me for help and I helped her get medical care, and then they arrested me for a felony "custodial interfearance" and also charged me with a misdemeanor "child endangerment" 9 the language in that law is so broad anyone can be found to have endangered a child even Jesus himself! I could go on and on and on...
CPS has way too much power they need to rehaul the whole system they are hurting a whole generation of children. They do not help anyone they only hurt and so they need to be held accountable and they need to be held to a mission where they make every effort to keep families togather.

i just dont know 03.Apr.2007 12:22


im a mother of four beutiul children ages 17,13 5 and 3 i lost them at two seperted occasions i suffer from beipolar and sever depression i suffered sever menatally and emotional abuse in my first marrigae and kids suffered from beating s me and now my ex both lost the children at the same time he was cherged with pyhsical abuse and me being menatlly unstable he unfortunatly finisj\hed his case plan before i did therefore he was awrded full cuastody and me supposing to have supervised rights wish in the 7yrs that thyev been away iive yet to have any concact with them then i unfortuantly got into another realtionship of abuse and had my younger two and when they found out i lost my first two they didnt even give me a chance to proof myself i just dont get it orunderstand one thng we as parents who do love and nuture and care for our children thyre taken away from us. and the parents that hate and neglect and dont give a rztz aazz and beat and molest and all the other get to stay in the homes and all.... when are they going to wake uppppp im srry no parent no child should be without each other .. i started this club so we could all come and join and tell our storys and meet other parents who are like us . feel free to post anytime im not here to judge no one love u alll terri

Never Give Up 13.Apr.2007 10:28

angela goode adg67lis@yahoo.com

If god leads you to it he will bring you through it.Please have faith and keep fighting.Don't ever give up,that's what they want.You can appeal every judgement.Do it.I hope you will be at the dc rally in august.Your family is in my prayers.

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