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Forum on Campaign Finance Reform & Instant Runoff Voting Saturday 1/27

Campaign Finance Reform: In November 2006 Oregon voters passed Measure 47 which places strict limits on donations to candidates. But the Oregon Attorney General has refused to enact the law. Find out how you can help !

Instant Runoff Voting in Oregon - Will we ever get it?
So you couldn't make it to DC for the big anti-war march...
Well, neither could we, so join us for a forum on two vital issues that could truly help create real progressive change in Oregon.

Campaign Finance Reform (You voted for it, so where IS it?)
Instant Runoff Voting (Don't be accused of being a "Spoiler" again !)

When: Saturday, January 27, 1 - 3pm
Doors open at 12:30pm, Forum begins at 1pm.

Where: First Unitarian Church on SW 12th between Salmon and Main in downtown Portland.
Forum will be in the Chapel.
Use the door on the right located at the end of the brick pathway in the middle of the block.


Campaign Finance Reform:

Last November, Oregon voters passed Measure 47 which limits campaign contributions and expenditures for Oregon candidates. It also contained disclosure requirements that would allow us to know who is truly paying for our candidates' campaigns.

However, the Oregon Secretary of State and Attorney General have refused to implement M47.

Where does this leave Oregonians? Are we back to square one?
Do we have to start over? Do we file suit to force implementation?
What role might the legislature play?

Dan Meek, author of Measures 47 & Measure 46, will address these questions.

Instant Runoff Voting:

Did you know that IRV is written into the Oregon state constitution?

As part of the progressive reforms enacted in the early 1900s which allow the referendum and the initiative processes, language was also enacted by the people to allow the use of Instant Runoff Voting. Oregon is the only state with IRV written into its constitution. But now almost 100 years later we have still never used it.

David Delk, co-chair of Alliance for Democracy, Portland, will talk about present efforts to allow Oregon cities and counties the use of IRV.

Bring your questions. We've allowed for plenty of time for Q&A. Hopefully you'll learn ways for you to be involved in these very important issues.

homepage: homepage: http://www.afd-pdx.org

please publish an email contact 26.Jan.2007 18:56

Joe Rowe jrowe (aaattt) igc.org

I ask that the author of that meeting posting post an email address for the meeting coordinator.
If you want people to come to a meeting, be bold enough to list your own email name.
You can easily avoid spam by just typing out jrowe ((att) igc.org or something like that

If Portland wants to stop using taxpayer money to pay for condos for the rich we can only do it with voting reform. IRV would save election money by avoiding a run off election. But the greater good is that liberal people can run against each other without the risk they will steal votes from each other.

I worked on the IRV campaign that won in San Francisco, Prop A passed, and now peope don't have to worry about electing a republican if they vote for a green or liberal democrat as their 1st choice on a ballot that has choices for 1st, 2nd , 3rd etc choices...

Prop A won in SF because of a strong SF green party. Prop A got on the ballot by a city council member who was very liberal. He was a democrat and became a green when Feinstein would only debate a republican in Senate election debates. Without Matt Gonzalez and greens, SF would not have prop A. Portland no longer has a green party. I was a member but there were just too many freaks who talked and did nothing. It drove people away. I often wonder if some of those agitators were operatives for groups that don't like greens.

So, Does any democrat on Portland's city council have the guts to support voting where voters no longer vote in fear?

Press release on the passing of Prop A in SF

here are some links...

End voter apathy

try more google searches: Prop A San Francisco green party Steven Hill

Election/ballot reform is key 27.Jan.2007 09:11

Voter Revolter

I think - I hope - that the only reason the SoS and AD aren't acting is that the standard procedure for any ballot measure passed by the people is for the legislature to enact implementing legislation. What exactly that implementation is or does is crucial. For example: the various medical marijuana laws.

If it's a measure that limits the government or the legislature, that doesn't necessarily require implementation. Like the "marriage is between a man and a woman' thing - there's nothing to implement. But if we pass a measure providing for civil unions and even if it provided for certsin officers to implement or authroize civil unions, the courts would still probably require legislation.

Of course, state or local election officers could authorize regulations - depending on the wording of M47.! However, the courts have generally held that regulations are only to fill in the details of legislation.

Anyway, it looks like all this will be addressed tonight. I have a previous engagement, so I won't be there. I hope someone will publish a report on the meeting. We need to know exactly what to say to legislators and state officers!

Citizen involvment in this crucial area is essential if we are to work toward democrac in this country.