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Anti War Rally ,,Shrunk Plaza Sat Jan 27th,2007

The National Mall in D.C will hold Nat'l anti War Rally Sat Jan 27,2007
satillite rally all across Oregon including Portland,Oregon
Tomorrow 100 0f 1000's of Fed up Americans will pack the Washington Mall in D.C. to send the message to Congress and the Senate and to the BUsh Adminastration...Enough is more than to much !!!

Portlands impromptu rally is at Terry Shrunk Plaza Saturday Jan 27th,2007
Dan Handleman of Copwatch mentioned it would transpire at about noonish to 2
time is not confirmed.
Thats the Federal Plaza across the street from City Hall in Downtown Portland,Oregon and across the street from Edith Wyatt Federal Building.

Bring a sign .... "Not supporting a war by a President whom never went to war"

Will people be there after 1p? 27.Jan.2007 09:50



Forgot to ask you guys yesterday, but will people stay in the area after the 1p end of the permitted time? I heard at the PPRC march that there are plans to do the demonstration until troop withdrawals are happening. Will that be during the same time block, or can you do it at rush hour?


Report back 27.Jan.2007 18:43

wuz there

please check out one of the reports back from event featuring audio comments