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OLCC says "No kids at Oregon Brewers Fest"

After 19 years of promoting the Oregon Brewers Festival as a community event, we regret that we will not be allowed to have minors under the age of 21 on the festival premises in 2007. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has stipulated no minors be on-site.
from Beervana -

"This is disturbing:

After 19 years of promoting the Oregon Brewers Festival as a community event, we regret that we will not be allowed to have minors under the age of 21 on the festival premises in 2007. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has stipulated no minors be on-site, citing OLCC Rule 845-006-0340 (7) (a) in which 'eating predominates' and the premise must not have a 'drinking enviroment'. In order to view this rule, please go to here and click on "Laws and Rules". Click on OLCC Law Book. This will open up a PDF file for viewing.

One of the cool things about Oregon is that it has a grown-up view about alcohol. Kids aren't immediately corrupted by the sight of their parents sipping a nice kolsch, and the OLCC used to know it. In fact, when Oregon's microbreweries began to rise to prominence in the 1980s, drinking was actually taken out of the dark, windowless caves of the corner taverns into well-lit, homey brewpubs. Families started coming, and the focus turned from getting smashed to enjoying an artisinal product.

Kids, of course, will be lured less by a product they've watched their mother drink than by something elicit and forbidden. So the OLCC has made it forbidden again. Nice. Well, the OBF is suggesting we take action, so I'll pass it along to you:

If you disagree with the OLCC's decision, then please contact executive director StephenPharo and let him know: 503-872-5000,1800-452-6522,or  steve.pharo@state.or.us

I think I'll send 'em a note."


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just 26.Jan.2007 15:33

what is the purpose

of bringing minors to drinking festivals?
i'm glad they made the ruling
throughout a child's life there are thousands
upon thousands of alcohol ads, etc
what need is there to expose them to more

yeah no kids 26.Jan.2007 16:39

drunk and childless

i am glad that there will not be kids there! hopefully no dogs either! i think i might just go now!

Lower the Drinking age to 18 26.Jan.2007 16:51

Life is Short

If they can serve in the military, vote, sign a contract let em drink.

WE THE PEOPLE are in the liquor distribution business 26.Jan.2007 17:56


Thr Oregon Liquor Control Commission is a leftover
remnant of the repeal of prohibition.

It's a middleman in the sale of liquor in Oregon.
Classic governmnet hipocricy.
The state says alcohol is BAD - but the state is the PUSHER.

Every last bottle of hard liquor MUST pass the OLCC warehouse before being sold in Oregon.

If there were a distillery, say, in Ontario, OR (near Boise, ID) - the distillery MUST ship
the goods to the OLCC warehouse in Milwaukie. If a bar in Ontario wished to serve that
liquor, it would have to order it from the OLCC in Milwaukie, then have it shipped back
to Ontario. Nothing like the state's pro-active view on saving fuel...

As a native Oregonian, I wondered how long the OLCC would continue to exist after the
original influx of immigrants from California began.
I assumed the liberal Cali's would be fed up from the get-go with that kind of monopoly.
Amazingly the OLCC's still going strong.

Evidently very few care that the state of Oregon is a
hands-on player in the hard liquor business.

FYI: Oregon has the 2nd highest liquor prices, by bottle, in the nation.
Washington state is #1

have you been to OBF? 28.Jan.2007 13:03

local parent

mr or ms "just what is the purpose"

have you been to OBF?

OBF is not a "drinking festival"

Its showcase for the local breweries of Oregon. It has show tables from oregons breweries, showing their facilities, and selections of their latest beer varieties as well as some of the attending industries that sell supplies and distribute beer in Oregon. It has several food courts and the local beers on tap. Signs were clear that if anyone was drunk or disturbing others, they would immediately be removed from the hall.

It is not "thousands of alcohol ads" or even "more" alcohol ads

There is a huge difference between families going to the Oregon Brewers festival to have some food and local beers and kids siting idely in front of a TV with no parental oversight watching racist, sexist, mind-warping big booze ads

Organized social gatherings like OBF can provide context and an example for how responsible adults interact with beer, which is a much larger predictor of healthy alcohol additudes than 'just say no' campaigns, and 'hide the alcohol' additudes.

Also, by requiring minors to be with their parents it also ensures that when these kids see other people drinking beer they have the best chance they will ever have to get feed-back on healthy and appropriate behavior with beer....from the adults who most likely know and care about them the most...their parents.

There is a world of difference between the oregon brewers festival and Absolut or Budwiser advertising.

To equate the two or even suggest they have similar effects on children is a horrible mis-understanding and suggests that the responder has never been to OBF or other brewing festivals.

various unlikely assertions 28.Jan.2007 20:18


> Kids, of course, will be lured less by a product they've watched
> their mother drink than by something elicit and forbidden.

Oh, bullshit. "Kids" over about 12 have inevitable biological reasons to resent and resist being treated like children -- at all, much less for a whole extra decade -- and there's plenty of evidence that they'll actually do more of whatever older people tell them they're too young for. But whether mom drinks while she tells them not to drink, or doesn't drink while she tells them not to drink, is probably not especially relevant.

> OBF is not a "drinking festival"

It's still a drinking festival. If you don't want your customers using your product and driving home, then you're in the business of getting people drunk. A fine business perhaps (or not) but that's what it is. Is the OBF a better drinking festival than Fleet Week or Mardi Gras? Maybe. Is it NOT A DRINKING FESTIVAL? It is a drinking festival. You're not there to sell wallpaper or life insurance.

if OBF is a DRINKING FESTIVAL.... 30.Jan.2007 10:58

accuracy counts

calling OBF a drinking festival is stretching it

If we seriously want to stop the effects of alcohol abuse or alcoholism then we need to be accurate

just because beer is being sold and brewers have display booth doesnt mean its ALL about the DRINKING especially about drinking to innebriation,

to ignore context is inaccurate and can lead us to miss out on opportunities, like setting up an alcohol abuse prevention table at OBF

yes, OBF is about beer, oregon beer, or rather oregon breweries, but to equate it with unhealthy drinking practicises is false

I am very serious about stopping alcohol abuse and its effects on our societies and people health, but attacking social gatherings like OBF where healthy alcohol attitudes are completely dominant is NOT the best way to do it and is counter-productive

There are whole fields of study dedicated to fighting alcoholism and addictive behaviors and their effects. We as a society have allready learned a lot about how best to do this.

I would urge you to contact you county health departments substance abuse prevention and treatment programs to find out what they are doing and what you might do help stop alcohol abuse and its attendant problems.