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Surge Protection Brigade

For the second Friday in a row, the Military Career Recruiting Center at NE 13th & Broadway locks down rather than face "angry Grannies".
The Surge Protection Brigade, a coalition of long time peace activists, many of them mothers and grandmothers, went to the recruiting center today and were greeted with locked doors, despite the sign saying, "OPEN. WALK IN"
People were prepared to be arrested to stop recruiting, but are happy that recruiting was blocked without an arrest.
Cristy Murray, one of the Surge protestors said,"We'll be back every Friday to keep their doors locked - to keep our kids out of harms way."
The Surge Protection Brigade will return next Friday and can be contacted at:  surgeprotectionbrigade@yahoo.com.

GOOD JOB 26.Jan.2007 14:16

joe anybody


from breaking news 26.Jan.2007 14:24

a reader

1:00PM PST: The Surge Protection Brigade has ended their action for today, but have stated that they will return until the occupation of Iraq ends.

12:58PM PST: The Surge Protection Brigade has attempted to call into the Recruiting Center to be allowed in. They want to speak to recruiters and have no intention of being arrested. The Recruiters have told them that "they have orders not to let them in.."

12:58PM PST: Protesters have made their own signs, to hang over the recruiters signs outside of the building.

12:07PM PST: The main entrance of the Recruiting Center has been locked. Protesters reporting that two of the recruiters have exited through the back door.

12:01PM PST: The Surge Protection Brigade has returned to the recruiting center on 13th and NE Broadway after having successfully shut it down last friday. 15 protesters currently outside.

You ladies are FIERCE!!!!! 26.Jan.2007 18:30

great work

I am so proud of ladies! I would love to come out and support you!

ole! ole! go grammas go! 11.Feb.2007 19:27

nokomis megwen

stand tall grammas and rock on!
the testosterone pushers gotta get out of the way and let some peace happen. impeach bush!