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Bush's Fatal Mistake

The incumbent president is wrong because he threw out the Commission's idea to set up an international conference.. "You can always count on Americans to do the right thing-after they've tried everything else." (Winston Churchill)
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winston was fuckin right 26.Jan.2007 21:02

the time is now

Winston helped us to stomp the nuts of the nazi's back then, his words ring true today. If you see a gop yard sign, pull it up, it's treasonous. Any fools still left with those "W" window stickers? Shoot em' out! It will be necessary in the coming weeks to get this underground movement in gear, we cannot fail....

we cannot fail.... ??? 26.Jan.2007 21:18


We Will Not Fail!

VG! 26.Jan.2007 21:27

will we succeed

Indeed, Blair and Bush both need to be tried and sentenced, both sides of the pond are on board to throw the rat bastards out!