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Opt Out - Don't be an OHSU Medical Guinea Pig

No Bracelet = you are a potential guinea pig for OHSU.
Do you live in the Portland Metro area? Do you know without opting out of this study you could become a medical guinea pig for OHSU without your knowledge or consent?

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Remember you can still opt out of the "waived consent" saline study by requesting and wearing a NO STUDY bracelet for the next 2 years. I am wearing mine because I don't want them testing unapproved solutions on me if I'm ever treated for trauma in the Portland Metro Area (all 4 counties). I also don't like the fact that the only way I can opt out is by doing something - I think people should have to opt in for medical testing. But, in my opinion the only way to show your disapproval of this stupid study is to get a bracelet and wear it and tell other people about it.

request a bracelet:

I missed this debate in October 26.Jan.2007 13:25


Wow, this is unconscionable. It is also tragic that we are at a place where smart people identify so passionately with the oppressor. That is what OHSU is here - an oppressor. What? Do you think that is too harsh? Here's the definition from Webster's...

1 a archaic : SUPPRESS b : to crush or burden by abuse of power or authority
2 : to burden spiritually or mentally : weigh heavily upon
synonym see WRONG

OHSU is burdening me heavily by using its power to force me to do something I don't want to do. Daily I have to wear a bracelet that reminds me of death, risk, human experiments, forced compliance, betrayal of civic duty, and in my mind a police state. I have to wear this daily or I could be experimented on. This is oppression.

Frankly, I'm stunned.

Please post on all tourist sites - 26.Jan.2007 13:43


hotels, car rentals, airlines. We'll visit beautiful Oregon when this study is done.

Agreed 26.Jan.2007 14:55

BigBrotherOnThe Hill

I agree, thanks for the comments. I have the bracelet and it's pain to wear, and in general I don't even think I should have to wear it to opt out. But, that's the situation. I think opting out is the best choice to show disapproval.

The company behind (and yes it's a company pushing a product = new type of saline solution) should have to pay people to Opt In and then they can wear stupid opt-in bracelets and test the stuff - not me.

One last note the bracelets are too long when they arrive - I had to shorten mine to get it to be safe to wear (IE not catching on anything). I also do sports were some loose jewelry could be unsafe (IE Rock climbing, biking) but if I'm injured climbing at the gym or out at Rocky Butte and don't have the bracelet on I'm screwed - so I'm conflicted about not wearing it. I guess if I'm ever injured by having to wear their stupid bracelet I will consider legal action. Which gives me another thought...

Note to any legal readers: I'm interested to know for those of us stuck wearing this stupid thing for the next two years. Is there anything happening? Anything we can do as a group (IE those who have opted out) for being required to do something against our wills for the next two years? Then again when people read NO STUDY on it people at school usually laugh. But I'm all ears if anything is happening.

mixed messages 26.Jan.2007 15:35

- - -

Kind of funny if you think about it.

On some pages, we are telling people that animal studies should be abandoned for human studies.

Meanwhile, here we are telling them "not to be human guinea pigs" for medical research

What's a person who cares about their health to do?

Day 25 wearing a NO STUDY bracelet against my will 26.Jan.2007 16:13


I guess what I am saying is it's fine if YOU want to be a guinea pig for OHSU (or medical studies in general), but I think people (myself included) shouldn't have to opt out of the study - you should have to opt in. I think the study has been unnoticed by most people in the metro area (hence this post) and most people I talk to are very surprised about it and often ask for the number to request a bracelet themselves. I just want to keep the debate going and give people an opportunity to learn what's happening and will continue to happen (keeping a copy of the trib article handy is also helpful). OHSU wants to continue to test on the general public (without consent) in two more studies (see trib article) and will use people lack of interest in opting out of this study as proof that people in Portland don't mind being test subjects.

I haven't studied the bigger issue of animal testing at length, but it's been covered by other indy posts. Better people than animals in one sense, but I'm sure their are issues there too. There have been studies where people were not told all the details about what they were testing.

But my point is - I'm not against medical studies on humans if those humans OPT IN (AGREE to be part of a study) - I'm against testing on humans without their consent period.

at OHSU everybody's a lab animal 26.Jan.2007 18:45


If you go to ANY OHSU clinic you consent to be experimented upon-read the teeny tiny print on the back of the form they make everyone sign (no it's not just a pledge to pay your bill). Sign it and you sign away your rights.

These bracelets really suck! 26.Jan.2007 20:18


I sent for bracelets for me and my kids. What a fucking joke. Cheap, ugly metal pieces of shit that I can't wear at work - too dangerous for machines I work around - and it makes my sensitive skin break out.

The one-size-fits-all approach is also fucked, as someone else mentioned above. Mine was too big, my kid's was too small - what to do then? It cut off the circulation to his hand when he went to sleep!

NO STUDY 27.Jan.2007 13:13


this braclet thing is just stupid.

Is This Any Way To Conduct A Valid Study? 27.Jan.2007 14:46


Thanks for publishing this article and providing links to others. I am amazed, regardless to how many times this information has appeared on indymedia as well as local media, people still are not aware of this study being pushed onto them by OHSU. I too ordered bracelets, mine has come off twice already on its own. A real piece of cheap crap. My husband developed a rash from wearing his for less then 24 hours. A co-worker, a rather large man, cannot wear his because it does not fit around his wrist. I am beginning to suspect, in reality, OHSU really does not want people to have the option of opting out of this study. When the study was halted from its original November 1,2006 start up date we were sent a letter informing us of the delay. The letter stated another would be sent once the study resumed ... we never received any such notification and only knew of the new start up date after reading it on indy. Is this any way to conduct a valid study?

OHSU Bull Shit 27.Jan.2007 14:51

no one

To learn more bull shit about OHSU, go to www.OHSU accountability,on the web (Bob Swan) or go back and search "MY LEARNING EXPERIENCD AT OHSU" from the arcive author Mars.

Hey! Hey! We're the Monkeys! 27.Jan.2007 21:13

Bobo the Chimp

Welcome to Portland - The world's largest primate test lab!

Please don't feed the animals. Most of them are on special diets to maintain full obesity.

Bracelet Shortening 29.Jan.2007 10:23


I was able to shorten my bracelet by taking out 1-2 links on each side with a needle nose pliers and then replacing the rings. Basically you want to remove the links before the circular ring. They bend easily. It's safer for me - IE less likely to get caught in my belay device climbing, but still not totally safe. I also haven't had it catch on my handlebars biking since taking out 3 or 4 links.