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Chieftan spirit'd man exposes forgotten powers (with art)

Today i had a final altercation with MeL, a man on disability who suffers a continuously debilitating disease (he's lost part of his leg already). The self-reflecting i came up with after, moves me to share this with many who may also be able to ju-jitsu assumptions made every day
on the way to opening my eyes, i cross'd paths with an aboriginal warrior
on the way to opening my eyes, i cross'd paths with an aboriginal warrior
listen to a champion speak about his spirit!
listen to a champion speak about his spirit!
look at us, we are perfectly imperfect!
look at us, we are perfectly imperfect!
look at me, i am having to practice at opening my eyes!
look at me, i am having to practice at opening my eyes!
"How we see what we see affects the quality of our reality."--John Trudell, Lakota wisdom keeper

Tucson, AZ--Just yesterday, i went riding about 15 miles with a neon sign on my back that read: "Realize the value of being radically empathetic with each other." I had a few powerful interactions, but way too few (which moves me to say i should WALK next time!).

All during the ride i caught myself being queasy about how vital the sign wasn't; as cars passed by so fast, not even slowing...i got down on myself...and by the time i got back, was not exactly "empathetic" as i had "preached"!

But then art came to me, and writings, and here is what i came up with (which you may pass around freely).

The following sharing is intentioned as something i invite all to think about. We are all descendants of tribes, yet even when we see this, we still too often miss!

We miss our powers of relating, of radically interpreting towards the meaning we intuitively feel in this world, yet have no or very little frame of reference for. Thus we assume such alternatives are "crazy" and pass them by, so habituated to our pain.

Chieftan spirit'd winkte MeL
was/is pretty good about rousting
folks up into action, even if he doesn't full know it.

Without using more than weapons words (thankfully)
He got me going, in 5 minutes flat, after i was getting hung up

--on old flows of same old again
--on not getting my windo fixed (to more safely live)
--on inputting intensity into my claimed excellence of visions
--on aiding me to see where another elder counseled--away from ego-centricized reaction-ism (even tho i thought he was way too reduce-ing)

Yeah, i shoulda been more in touch
with Chieftan spirit'd MeL!
Uh, but a'course all his pain pain pain & me
wantin to avoid avoid avoid
while still clutching my visions somehow!

Chieftan spirit'd MeL, merely lightly blasting!
i truly NEED'd his SPIRIT SPELL,
hiz wizardly boltedly light
even as he flails without adequate sight

A good proverbial kick in the butt cheeks
to at least sober me right the fuck up!
after all i've been bringing onto myself
in this spirit-uaL pathing.

Better this learning HAPPENED:
It's certainly a good truth, MeL raised,
about me 'just believing' anything we're told;
i shoulda agreed
except that i felt that same old vibe
where he grapples on & won't let go
(like all his cats, i suppose).

And i knew i was to be trapped,
"no way" to avoid (except put on a fort face like all around him)

i thought i might "steer clear" by ending the topic, but
i was so tired/exhausted
after yesterday & all nite online.

So i got out in the "5 minutes" he alloted & here i be,,,
thinque-ing thru about how i wanna be

When i step back, away from that...
i recall how i praised, in "radical's radical" euro-ancestral style,
hiz chieftan way.
And how he surely tests me!
but in reality i am still beating myself up inside my head
as he, i figure...

Now those thunderbellies i predicted are showing up. The thunder chicken and big mustache'd cloud Brye
(the counselor mentioned above)
Soon i should hear a R U M B L E --out-sounding them
petty military jets!

Even tho i know full well not to fear, i fear;
it's the domestication
i cannot help but be when
i have so little "truly meaningful"
village-ing (ah, look how i devalue so quick!!)

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