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Is it possible to voluntarily + legally rescind my citizenship?

Tonight I was rolling the idea of rescinding my citizenship around in my mind... Primarily as an act of protest in response to racist policies targeting immigrants and the defense of white/American privilege.
So, is it possible? I wouldn't be surprised if it's done before... Anyone done it recently? And what are the dangers?


don't go anywhere 25.Jan.2007 19:41

we need you

Don't leave, we are beginning to turn the tide and crush the nuts of the neo-cons. We need your help, we cannot fail...

it is so simple 25.Jan.2007 20:28

a proud American

just declare that you are not a 'Murikan, but are instead an American, and then
be willing to creatively resist 'n' rebell at Bush's NeoCon New World Order and
group with other Americans who too are fed up with Bush and all of his silliness
and are willing to ratchet up the resistance to levels needed to roll back the
temporary gains of the 'Murikans to where it's a winner for the Americans!

So stand strong and proud to be an American and hang your head in shame if you're
a silly 'Murikan for you days of power-tripping a definitely numbered as you are
soon to become a historical relic.

Cheers everyone...

Yes, it is possible... 25.Jan.2007 21:05


You must report to a U.S. consulate in another country, and among other things, sign an renunciation oath. However, doing so is probably a pretty bad idea. First, unless you already have a second citizenship (or you are fabulously wealthy), you will be stateless, meaning that you will not be protected by the citizen's rights of any nation. A moment's pondering should give you an idea of what that could mean. Second, ask yourself which country is going to have immigration officials that will grant you visas (let alone a new citizenship) after you have renounced your rights as a citizen of the United States.

If you decide to do it anyway, give us all a report back in 5 or 10 years (or 6 months, when the most gracious visas expire). I'm really curious as to how it would all pan out...

A 25.Jan.2007 22:45


A smarter course of action would to be to keep your US citizenship while you live in another country and work to meet their requirements for citizenship. When you gain citizenship to that country, depending on the country, the US might force you to choose between your new country or the US. If they allow dual citizenship, you can simply get your new passport and go to the US consulate and renounce your citizenship (hopefully in a very public way...think holding a protest with several other people renouncing at the same time, and be sure to get the media to cover it).

Being stateless is a REALLY BAD IDEA.

questions 26.Jan.2007 00:55

peace rebel girl in india

do you plan on leaving the country?

"we need you" - do you really see the tide turning? i've been pretty much out of the loop for the last three months, aside from knowing of bush's plan to send 20k more troops into iraq.

i'm pretty aprised of india politics, and the government, as well as most all sectors of society, are about as corrupt as they come. bribes are easily given and taken, so most anyone can get out of most anything. of course, this corruption exists pretty much everywhere.

so, if you're leaving, where ya gonna go?

stateless 26.Jan.2007 06:09

ex pat anarchist

Even though as an anarchist I opposed to states, I have to agree with some of the prior posts. DO NOT recend you citizenship until you are sure you have citizenship in another country. Without citizenship somewhere you are in really really bad shape. No classes no nations but until that point, you gotta act smart. This is an interesting idea though. Maybe organizing a large symbolic rally of the americans who wish to denounce their citizenship would be cool. That and getting all of them to refuse to pay taxes as well....

Might feel good, but not a good idea. 26.Jan.2007 07:50


Won't do any good, won't hurt anyone but yourself. You'll have even less rights and say-so.

If Bush were to resend his citizenship and move to another country, like Paraguay, now THAT would be a good idea.

I ain't going anywhere. 26.Jan.2007 09:26


Yeah, I never planned on scurrying away to another country. Just renouncing my citizenship.

But, I think the whole losing-my-defined-rights thing is a bit too scary -- and, like others noted, the benefit of symbolic protest doesn't outweigh that huge negative.

THANKS everyone!



As a non-citizen living in this country I would say that the problem is NOT US citizens but the capitalist system.
This system is the same in all countries, some obviously worse than others. But their end game and the real enemy is PROFIT.
So don't renounce your citizenship, but get involved in an organization that wants to change the world. Unite with your international sisters and brothers and stop wars, hunger, poverty, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc, etc.
As Marx once penned 'Proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.'
Check out this magazine for ideas of how to do it.


Sovereign Citizen 27.Jan.2007 00:53

Citizen Zen


Looks to think about here on this link, it may help?

Citizenship is Valuable 27.Jan.2007 08:58

Criminals in Government are the problem

The creeps that occupy our government through deceit are most concerned with the US citizens who live outside the country. They are more difficult to control and according to insiders these creeps BELEIVE the real threat to their power will come from the expatriate community.

smashing their nuts is only part of the plan... 27.Jan.2007 13:38

the truth

Yes, I concur with the above post, why leave when they are the problem. We need to continue to crush their nuts when they refuse to leave our house, OUR HOUSE!

go for it 28.Jan.2007 03:06

tired of knee jerks

the expats I know either work for the govenment or no longer give to shits about the US. I hope the original poster is really young, otherwise I support them leaving. We have enough unproductive hysteria in this country.