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Was Vera wearing dead animals?

The Katz took a ride on Boon, or Doggle today, and unless I am mistaken, she was wearing the carcass(es) of some formerly beautiful creatures.
Please someone, if if was faux fur, rather than the real thing, tell us so.
I seem to remember 25.Jan.2007 18:45


several years ago someone confronting her about wearing a fur, and she said it was faux - and maybe even that she wouldn't wear real fur. I could be wrong though. I still think it's a huge problem for people to wear fake fur that looks as though it could be real. It's still promoting fur as a fashion item, and most people who are into a look that's so controversial and so laden with the stench of animal abuse would just as soon be wearing a real one. I think anyone who's wearing fur that looks real is fair game for confrontation for the promotion of animal abuse, especially in a city that has seen so much protesting over fur. Lots of people lie about them being fake when they're real, in order to avoid being called out.

Call 'em out.

Shame on Vera. Surely she can get a warm coat that isn't dead animal, or doesn't look like it.

maybe 26.Jan.2007 10:42


If you've got a picture, I could probably tell you.