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Bolivarian Youth Attacked in Miami

While staging a silent counter protest, members of the Bolivarian Youth in Miami were attacked by demonstrators supporting convicted terrorist Luis Posada. The young people involved showed great courage and wisdom in their response to the violent attack. They are also exercising their constitutional rights by filing assault charges against the thugs that attacked them.
In response to a demonstration of support for convicted terrorist Luis Posada, responsible for the downing of a airline plane and for numerous terror attacks in Cuba, a group known as Bolivarian Youth held up a sign on a street corner that simply said "Terrorists to Jail". The response of the Posada supporters was to immediately attack them. The students involved could have been seriously injured; however, they had the courage and wisdom to withdraw as fast as they could, being forced to run for safety while being chased by a violent crowd. They have since filed charges in Miami against the leader of the Posada support group who was one of the main attackers.

For the full story about the protest, please visit this Miami Herald site:


For a follow-up story about the charges being filed and for the audio of an interview with Michael Martinez of the Bolivarian Youth, please go to:

 link to www.miami.com

Our thanks go out Michael and Sonja and others in Miami for standing up for what is right.
Link to Michael Martinez interview, with audio 25.Jan.2007 16:14

Sam Robinson

For some reason the link in the follow-up interview story was truncated. Here it is again:

 link to www.miami.com

Cuba's Future 25.Jan.2007 17:48

Den Mark, Vancouver

Right-wing republican-supporting Cubans in south Florida often show what kind of Cuba they would cause, if their aristocracy were back in power. Disgusting. They have no clue what freedom is all about.

Terrorist or Freedom Fighter 25.Jan.2007 19:59

Manuela Bolivar

You'll all remember that Ronald Reagan declared that the killers knowns as "Contras" and the people we were backing in Afghanistan (now known as "Al-Qaeda") were all "freedom fighters.

For the clan that is represented (rather poorly) by George Bush, Luis Posada Carriles is a "freedom fighter". The people he blew up in the Cuban airliner deserved it because they were athletes or family members of athletes that were representing Cuba. When he set bombs at hotels in Cuba it was a patriotic act because he was making a heroic effort to stop the flow of dollars and euros to Cuba, all of which were going to "prop up" the evil regime of Fidel Castro. That is their worldview.

All one needs to do is watch the video of Michael Martinez and Sonja being attacked - and they could have been killed - by sick, twisted people who were supporting Posada - and you can easily conclude that the best thing that ever happened to Cuba was the revolution that took power on January 1, 1959. From the time of Columbus' arrival until that date, the people of Cuba (native and imported by the slave trade) had lived a life of oppression and suffering. Despite all that, much like in the U.S., they produced some of the most beautiful and impactful contributions to our collective culture.

The Cuban people have shown the way. They endured untold suffering, rose above at all times, refused to surrender, eventually overcame, and formed a society that is based on justice and equality. Sure, they have problems. They would be the first to admit it. Sure, mistakes have been made. They know that. But, to go back to a day when a bunch of thugs and mafia types rule their country is unthinkable. This will never happen and they know it. That is why they are so frustrated and take out their frustration on people like Michael and Sonja.

Keep up the fight in Miami.

You are our front line with the old guard that still fantasizes with the re-conquista of Latin America. We are sorry that most of the United States has no idea what goes on there. The main media is not covering the story of the Miami Mafia. However, there are many who do know and we have been fed up with this for a long time. As Michael Martinez implied in his interview with the Miami Herald, this cannot happen in our country, if we respect the Constitution. We need to do what the Venezuela people do and carry our Constitution with us everywhere - pull it out - quote it - and read it to our elected representatives and media contacts. We have lost our connection to our roots. It is time that we wake up and re-discover them.