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!Raccoon Radio! - Poverty and Homelessness

!Raccoon Radio! is a Weekly Northwest Audio Zine looking at culture, music, politics and more. The theme of this weeks issue is poverty and homelessness. The features of this zine include:
*Peter Bohmer of the Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace on the political economy of poverty.
*Speakers at the Poverty Action Networks rally at the capital of Washington.
*Tim of the Poor Peoples Union.
*Rosalinda Noriega of Partners in Prevention.
*Marco Rossaire Rossi on the planned actions against the recent ordinance in Olympia that targets the poor and houseless.
*and music by Brendan Phillips and Sugar in the Gourd.
!Racoon Radio! Poverty and Homelessness
!Racoon Radio! Poverty and Homelessness
!Raccoon Radio! broadcasts on Free Radio Olympia 98.5 at 1pm on Monday and KOWA 106.5 at 8pm on Wednesday.

If you have feedback, content or questions please contact us at our email.

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