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Protesting Bush Video

A picture montage of protesting by brave concerned demonstrators

Well it was fun and inspiring for me in putting together this video collection of miscellaneous pictures/photos many from Portland Oregon Protests.
I want to thank those whose pictures I am using in this montage music clip I made, titled "Protesting Bush."
When putting this together I felt the energy come from these photos, of all the people who were out in these streets making a stand.
As I worked with these images and music, I could really feel for the dynamics of what is involved of the anti war/bush protesting movement.
With the multitude of diversity, tactics, creativity, spirit, costumes, un-ending ENERGY and down right old fashion taking it to the streets... ... you protester "rock"!

People out in the streets pushing for change, to make this world better, and a safer place with less death & torture.
People who are, united in peace, and who are standing up to... .. "be counted."
People who go on the record before "all society" that we want change from this Insane Bush direction.

The people I have met in the anti-war peace movement have been by far the kindest and most compassionate, concerned and friendly people around.
Peoples, that I am proud to surround my self with.
There are many people who are concerned but "don't do anything to change or speak out" about any of the numerous serious issues on hand these days.
Death is in the air. "We the People" have to stand up ... and then... ..if that is not good enough, we have to "Step Out!" ... into the streets!
By stepping out and "Protesting Bush" you demonstrators and activist are doing what I feel ultimately "is the fundamental line in making change."
This is exactly what will MAKE CHANGES HAPPEN.
If there is any hope we will see when the masses rise up by the thousands to say "we have had enough!" ... "NOW!"

It takes so much effort to, not only just get to the "event" but then, the fact that the police presence is so intimidating. (And yes, that is done on purpose, go-figure)
The impudence that the simplest right to demonstrate over a peaceful topic or issue, can end you up in jail or beat down, tends to be a weighing heavy burden..
It takes brave, courageous, concerned, passionate, loving people to get up against these odds and say "STOP THIS WAR" or "STOP BUSH."
--> "I am not going away! I am here protesting for the world to see!!!"

It needs to be done and I am proud that all you demonstrators are there to save the hope for a better tomorrow, by putting your bodies, feet, minds, necks, children, jobs, careers, and your freedom on the front line. You all have stood close by or even, eye to eye with;
ARMED police, Robo-cops, High*Stomping Horse Patrols, Bike cops, undercover cops, video-taping-you cops, and city officials
(did I say a few nice cops? hhhmmmmm Don't remember???) ....

....but my point is... ... it is many times, pretty darn scary standing up to
"this" authoritarian thuggish government while trying to be a peaceful protester.
Being out on the frontline with your peace sign can be dangerous in a world that is being run on Fear Terror & Hate.

A government that now in today's "Patriot Act World" uses secret prisons, rendition planes, interrogations, with no oversight or accountability or honesty or trials or constitution....
When "The Law" is no longer governed by the people, but dictated by this current, rogue loop-hole lawyers-Neocon leadership, and with their handy police state enforces who use violence and jail cells to make the peoples adhere to the White House fascists ways.
When a peaceful citizen pushing for peace, freedom, human and civil rights, who is just an average....joe anybody becomes "the a target" it is overwhelming.
Which is why solidarity and "masses in numbers" of people joining together to rise up it will show that we all are not *the targets* ....we are The People!

When the police intimidate or entice with violence, against peaceful citizens it is a frenzy of energy... .. to me it is clear who is the evil doers.
It is in that mix, that the fear of arrest or your safety becomes into question... ....should I risk this, should I step up and be counted should I hold my sign?
Or should I just go home to be "safe" and not participate in this?
One starts to question if it is not worth getting arrested for or even worse ... . maybe ... ... beaned... .. maced ... ... or ... beat!
These brave activist in the streets risk many things, from angry bystanders, to arrests for no reason, to just stress with dealing with neighbors, business owners, reporters, gawk-ers and taunt-ers, and even their fellow family and friends.
You all are the Front Line Peace Soldiers, Fighting the Good Fight!
We stood up ..it tough but I feel optimistic (Notice the NSA spy issue reversal just recently) ... ... HA! Power to the people

The Moral High Ground Is being preserved!
There is a lot on the line.
Again I want to thank you all.
Your activism/heroism is going to save the hope for a better world.
Your actions are making changes.
The world is watching!
We are the frontlines ... ..that challenge our "handlers".... that risk to be free!
We are the Demonstrators and by protesting in our streets ...we are making sure we Are Counted and Are On The Record and in The Headlines!

For... .. We Want Peace, - The Troops Home Now, - No War, - No Spying, - No Lying, - No Torture,
And ... ... .we want it NOW!

Thank you everybody who is in the mix ....

Thank You for going on the public record and for .... "Protesting Bush"

 http://www.fliptrack.com/watch/S50BWvdqdT <-- WATCH THE VIDEO HERE


homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

thanks 25.Jan.2007 09:55


Wow! Another great one from Joe Anybody! Everyone should see this -- is it OK if I show it when I'm invited to speak at various places? This is really great, very inspiring. The picture of the child covering her face from the M-16 moved me to tears.

Feeling Allright 25.Jan.2007 22:18

Joe Anybody

Hey Stu ....
Thanks for the comment
Use it all you want
I dont think its downlaodable
You need to go to that site to view it
or with certian websites you may be able to paste the embeded player code in

more to come ......


Another very nice piece of work, Joe. 25.Jan.2007 23:41


Thank you, and please keep it up!

DVD? 26.Jan.2007 09:40

Den Mark, Vancouver

Would be cool if this could be made into a dvd & sold at Laughing Horse Books & places like that.


Pirate News TV piratenews@infowars.net


Abu Ghraib comes home to roost. Also includes interview with General Karpinski, commander of Abu Ghraib, about probable cause to arrest George Bush Junior.

JACKSBORO, TENNESSEE - Lester Eugene Siler's constitutional rights were violated when five cops tortured him in July 2004.

Jenny Siler's a GENIUS!!! She planted a hidden recorder ($20 Lie Detector) in the kitchen. How many wives would allow their husbands to be tortured, for a $19-million payday?

Cambell Co deputies: "You're gonna take us and where you got your money, we're gonna take every dime you have today and if we don't, your (expletive) is not going to make it to jail. And if you think we're joking, we're not. Let me tell you how this is gonna work, okay? We got here, and guess what you did? You ran out the back door. We chased you, okay? You fought with us, okay? We end up fighting with you. You' bout whooped all our (bleep), so we had to fight back, okay? You hear what I told you? I told you not to be talking. Didn't I tell you not to talk? That's just the (bleep) beginning. This (bleep) right here, he loves seeing blood. He loves it. You're talking too much. He'll beat your (bleep) and lick it off you. I want you to sign that form. If you don't sign this form I'm gonna put a bullet in your head and plant this BB gun. Is there any part of that you don't understand? (We're from the government and) we're here to help me, er, you."

Audio Download & PDF transcripts:

How long can YOU just say no? Proof of brainwash by COPS, 24 and The Shield on MKULTRATV. This should be required study for all US Special Forces soldiers, high school students and Hollywood scriptwriters, in resisting interrogation by Police State Death Squads. Is this a mind game by torture without leaving marks, or serial killer mafia enforcers? At least Abu Ghraib don't electrocute your genitals, like TN traffic cops.

As broadcast by Pirate News TV: