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drug war

The history of the "drug free zone mentality", exposed

The history behind the drug free zone isn't so complex that normal citizens should be protected from hearing it. Quite to the contrary, patriotic people everywhere need to be exposed to the history behind this scam, that is commonly refered to as the,"drug war".
International war banking is nothing new in our world, this cult has a 3,000 year history of nation destruction, from ancient Egypt to modern Russia and it feeds nothing more than the coffers of war bankers. Drug abuse, homosexuality, abortion, racism and a collage of other sub-issues are tools that these war bankers manage, in order to further perpatrate their grip over mankind. The current "drug war" in America was proceeded by at least two other drug wars. Around 1900, 4 of 5 Americans were addicted to "hard drugs", it was called the "soldiers disease", as it was rooted in all of the amputees and other painful medical problems, created during and after the Civil War. Roughly 40 years of a "drug free for all" ended when bureacrats gave users 40 years in prison and dealers,(outside of pharmacies) the death penalty. Alcohol and tobacco were the center of the second drug war, which included prohibition and the corruption of our traffic courts. In 1970 we gave traffic courts, "special permission" to operate outside of the realm of constitutional law in order to "target" drivers using the hard drug, alcohol, while driving on our highways. A few years prior to this change in our traffic courts, our nation was hit by a tidal wave of what were understood to be illegal drugs. As the traffic courts busily raised fines and fees associated with alcohol, the fines and fees associated with illegal drugs were reduced. This corruption that took place in the traffic courts spun out of control with fees for minor traffic charges keeping pace with the economic black hole created by the "supersizing of alcohol related fines". An example of the results of this activity in Clark County, Washington is 85% of county jail population being substance abusers, 15% unable to pay high fines and 5% career criminals. In the midst of this second drug war lip service began leading up to the current drug war.
The current drug war was coined a "war on drugs" during the Reagan administration. This was a time when mental health facilities emptied the mentally ill onto the streets, defunding mental institutions. Many, if not most of these disenfranchized mentally ill ended up in the jails overcrowding them. The overcrowding problem in the jails was enhanced with the advent of high tech hard drugs, crack and meth. The bureaucrats who brought this drug mess upon us have recently exposed themselves as saviours of our middle and upperclasses while demonizing our lower class during a time of war, allowing 15th century religious predjudice a free rein over us for the past years of the Bush 2 war in the mideast.
Now our supreme court is stacked giving this corruption which began in traffic court fertile advantages over our soverignty on a national level, during a time of war. Which brings us back to the concept of international war banking