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Baird's "Town Hall" meeting in Vancouver

Baird will be in Vancouber WA this week. I hope folks will join me in asking him some tough questions about the war and impeachment.
For Immediate Release
January 23, 2007

Rep. Baird to Hold Town Hall Meetings

Washington, D.C. - Congressman Brian Baird will host two town hall meetings on Thursday, January 25 and Friday, January 26. The town halls will focus particularly on the Iraq war, the federal budget and deficit. This is also an opportunity for residents to share their thoughts on issues and legislation, and for Congressman Baird can hear ideas on how government can serve constituents better.

Thursday, January 25

Fort Vancouver High School, Auditorium, 5700 East 18th Street, Vancouver

7:00 p.m.

He will also be in Napavine
Friday, January 26

Napavine Elementary School, Cafeteria, 209 E. Park, Napavine

7:00 p.m.
Join me 24.Jan.2007 19:57


Join me about 6:30 pm. Thursday on the steps of Ft. Vancouver HS with signs like OUT OF IRAQ, DEFUND THE WAR. We in Vancouver cannot get an appt. for a meeting with him, so this is our chance. Will he go beyond signing a resolution? Will he support Kennedy or Jim McGovern's bills? Will he do SOMETHING?

Don't Froget about Baird's Horrendous Fores Policy 24.Jan.2007 20:34


Also, don't forget about HR 4200, a piece of legislation that Baird co-sponsored with Rep. Walden, which expedited Salvage Logging in the name of healing the forest. The bill has passed the House and most likely will not pass the Senate, but Baird still holds strong to his backwards rationale. The bill didn't apply to strictly fire burnt areas but any "natural disturbances that have killed or may kill" the trees. What a sick, sad DEMOCRAT!

I'll be there 24.Jan.2007 22:13


I'll be the person with an impeach bush sign.

He voted for body armour 25.Jan.2007 21:36


I was standing with 3 others at the entrance where Baird came in. (There were numerous entrances.) I had my sign, NO $ FOR TROOP SURGE. I asked him to co-sponsor a bill to get us out of Iraq or to de-fund it. I asked him to sign Jim McGovern's bill and he said he'd "look into it." I said what have you done since initially voting against the war. He said he voted for more body armour for the troops. Not enough. I listened about an hour inside, and couldn't take it anymore and left.

Palestine 25.Jan.2007 22:23

Den Mark, Vancouver

And i carried the Palestinian flag & familiar large Free Palestine sign & refused baird's extended hand & told him nothing congress does in dc makes any sense without Justice for Palestine. No Justice, No Peace! He said, "I hear you." But hearing & understanding are NOT the same thing.