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@ the Red and Black Cafe ( http://www.redandblackcafe.com/)
2138 SE Division St.
8pm, This Saturday the 27th
Come support Flashflood Magazine, a fledgling anti-imperialist and pro
community-power project! You're invited to a benefit event on Sat, January
27th at 8:00pm, at the Red and Black cafe, featuring incendiary music from
Irish folk artist Timothy Hull, inspiring words from past and current
struggles, and much more! We'll have the magazine, post-graffiti art and
prints, t-shirts, zines, and other tasty materials to feed your fire in
this dark season.

Individual drops of rain can combine to form a force of nature that
shapes the landscape, bringing both renewal of life and destruction of
structures that seek to stop and contain it. People's power is much the
same. When we stand and move together, we can reshape our communities,
society, and culture.

Flashflood Magazine seeks to build this power by speaking from experience- the actual experiences of people's daily struggles with
institutions that favor the bottom line over life. We're here to show
not only where help is needed, but also the successes of intelligent
community power, and the sources of inspiration that nourish the well of

Visit www.flashfloodmagazine.org for more info, and artist bios.

homepage: homepage: http://www.flashfloodmagazine.org