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Petition delivered to Gordon Smith's office this morning in downtown Portland.

Over 10,000 signatures were delivered to Senator Smith's assistant urging our Senator to vote for the resolution opposing escalation in Iraq.
Here are a few photos from the event.Koin and KGW sent camera crews and reporters to the event.

Escalation/surge is a hoax 24.Jan.2007 13:45

Andi hegemony

How about opposing occupation and military expansionism? Preventing an additional 20,000 troops does nothing to end bipartisan dreams of empire.

Furthermore, the removal of troops from Iraq (to where?), combined with the increase in the overall military advocated by "liberal" Democrats like John Murtha, is a recipe for continuing empire building by Republicrats. By focusing on red herrings like "the surge", well-meaning people like these are unwittingly supporting the status quo.

The proper analysis of our foreign policy should begin with those principles agreed to bilaterally, namely hegemony and corporatism.

Smith is a disgusting slime of a human being, but so are all those whose own political positioning trumps peace and justice.