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US offers nuclear power programs to 6 Gulf Arab 'allies'

The 'International Atomic Energy Agency' after years of investigations in Iran has NOT FOUND any material for nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices: Iran is not developing 'the bomb'. But Washington announces to be a "willing partner" and offers support for nuclear programs to 6 neighboring Gulf 'allies'.

By Henk Ruyssenaars

FPF - Jan. 24th 2007 - Within a few weeks 'International Atomic Energy Agency' IAEA's Director General Mohamed ElBaradei will report again on the by the US junta fabricated lies concerning the so called 'nuclear program' of Iran which according to Washington's and other global liars is meant to produce nuclear weapons. At the same time the US management is offering nuclear power programs and know how, stating it wants to act as 'willing partners' to six Gulf Arab allies.

Already last year in a report to all concerned the International Atomic Energy Agency has confirmed that it HAS NOT FOUND ANY EVIDENCE that Teheran had diverted or was using material towards making atomic weapons. In its report which has been circulated to its 35 board members, the IAEA said that its three years of investigations had not shown "any diversion of nuclear material to nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices." Even 'Associated Press' AP (now Associated Propaganda) had to report it.*

At present Nicholas Burns, the US junta's ''undersecretary of state for political affairs'' is traveling in the area and in reality is telling Iran to 'back off' from the Gulf oil and surrender to the US and the US dollar on the $ dominated oil market or face another illegal US junta war with destruction and more millions dead under some stupid pretext and/or 'false flag' operation. (Like 9/11) In his conversations with local (mis)leaders and others in the area, Burns implied they want war and ruled out direct US negotiations with Iran. He said a rapprochement between Washington and Tehran was not possible until Iran halts its enrichment of uranium. Even if Iran is legally entitled to it? The same criminal chutzpah as always, with Israel using a mock Arab village to train for the illegal invasion and war.*


But Burns, defending the next inhuman and illegal action by the blood- and power lusting junta phrased the hegemony and crusade plans like this: "The Middle East isn't a region to be dominated by Iran." From his and his racket's sick point of view our world should be dominated by the US junta's managers and their malignant system which already has cost millions of human lives. Why can't they f..k off and leave us alone is the global question asked by normal people. The fact that 75 percent of the US americans think Bush's junta-US is way off track or that a majority wants the wars to end doesn't seem to matter to the managers of the US. Looking at history however, shows that they will pay dearly for their genocides. Which they deserve.

They want everybody to forget that Iran is much bigger, richer, has a better and well trained army than Iraq ever had, with the latest 'state of the art' weapons bought with oil billions which Iran has. The loot the US junta wants. And we should also forget that all people in Iran know the US managers financed the whole Iraqi war against them with US/CIA buddy Saddam Hussein. Who gassed Kurdish and Iranian people with from American imported gas, made in Maryland. They want everybody on earth to forget that the Iranians are very angry, like millions upon millions more in East and West suffering from the war managers' inhumanity.

The junta members themselves lose nothing: not a live, a dime nor a war. They are professional war profiteers. It's not 'their war' poor US/NATO cannon fodder is fighting, getting radiated by US made uranium ammunition; a tragedy for humanity lasting for 4,5 Billion years. Civilians and soldiers get the bullets or cancer while the war lords turn our blood into their gold. They hoard the profits and think this inhuman global state of affairs is fine - as long as we don't understand that they are doing all this to our earth and us. That's why they keep on with the wars, trying to dumb down as many as is possible to some war gutter level, and recycling our money too for their profit. Here in the Swiss Alps for instance, at one of their 'untouchable' monetary slavery headquarters. Their main bank, the Bank of International Settlement, BIS, has greater immunity than any sovereign nation on earth, it's like their other State within a State 'The City' in London, - Url.:  http://tinyurl.com/hcrg7

The BIS managers are accountable to no one on earth, the run global monetary affairs and the BIS is privately owned. By the same group which owns the Federal Reserve, their money print shop in the US. - BIS - Url.:  http://tinyurl.com/y6xmed


The falsely accused Iranian government already years ago signed the 'Non Proliferation Treaty' (NPT) to avoid the spreading of nuclear weapons (which Israel with all its nukes never signed) and Iran has endured humiliating and permanent control in its own country by IAEA inspectors. US Keyhole and other satellites have for two decades controlled every move, every building of something, and any truck or wheelbarrow rolling in Iran* But the US and its so called 'allies' in the 'Coalition of the Killing' keep lying via their propaganda media: they want hegemony and control through war.

In line with the present US junta's 'policy' Burns said: "Washington would be a "willing partner" in support of civilian nuclear power programs in its six Gulf Arab allies, saying the Bush administration supports nuclear energy as a means to combat global warming. (What about Kyoto? - HR) But the diplomat said that Iran needs to halt its uranium enrichment as a precondition for any direct discussions with Washington. Several prominent American leaders have urged the Bush administration to talk to Iran. "It doesn't make any sense to negotiate with Iran while their nuclear programme is ongoing," Burns said. "There is an entry fee to the game and everybody has to pay it. You too, Iran, have to pay it." - AP* - (Associated Propaganda)

This US junta of psychopaths and their mentors must be totally power crazy and mad in many ways, because they have no right whatsoever in the whole world to claim anything from any other sovereign state. They have NO right but use their brutal armed force which anyhow is broken down by the growing resistance of victimized people who are still alive and can not stand this racket and it's system anymore. "If you try to kill us and our families' they reason, "then we'll try to kill you too." It's the global warmongers and their propagandists in the media everywhere which hopefully soon must pay the price for their inhumanity and treason. And pay a heavy price. People all over the world want revenge for all the millions of dead, tortured and maimed by the junta with its system, and in their global crusade for profit and power.

An article in the Kuwait Times* today confirms what many outside the US junta's malignant sphere fear when it's written about another US aircraft carrier strike group now steaming toward the Middle East: Washington's way in its attempt to dominate the region. Burns represents the worst of the worst among the US warmongers and confirmed that the United States will protect its interests anywhere and at any price to others. It does absolutely not matter to them if millions of human beings die. Or how.


The propagandists of the US/NATO war machine today again try to enforce their warmongering by falsely claiming that North Korea 'will help Iran to test nuclear bombs'. That's what one of the most infamous british secret service errand boys and ghostwriters, The Daily Telegraph' s Con Coughlin* now again lies about. This criminal creep is a shame for journalism and a vile traitor who has been long under investigation for his blatant lies. He is supposed to be 'Defence and Security editor' of the despicable Daily Telegraph (UK) but actually works for the compliant british secret service MI6, the CIA and Mossad. Since January 5th 2007 Coughlin is investigated concerning his totally misleading 'articles' on Iran.*

He was also the jerk who helped to publish the fake story about Iraq's WMD's hitting England in forty-five minutes. A propaganda lie also used by UK crime minister Tony Blair who has the consiglieri of the London War Lords as his advisers. And the treacherous propaganda pundits and other parrots in the media of the US managers colonies just repeat 'His master's Voice' and spread the dangerous nonsense and other BS from the US junta's lie factory.

In England Ofcom, the regulator for the UK communications industries, will investigate - now follows a euphemism for propaganda and outright lies: the 'alleged bias' by the BBC after a large number of complaints received.* The BBC which only broadcasted two percent (2%) war dissent, showed to be worse qua war propaganda than the junta's FOX, CNN and all other propaganda sewers, since the London War Lords placed their own man, Michael Grade, at the top of the BBC. - Url.:  http://tinyurl.com/l687f

Burns: "In the final two years of the Bush presidency it will be the Middle East where we will focus the majority of our attention." And that's exactly what millions of people dislike and will do everything to stop. The blood of all the victims has washed away the last parts of the US façade. It's only a limp and blood besmirched 'Stars and Stripes' which still can be seen above the global waves of anger.

The junta's global genocide for power and profit has to be ended, and the main responsibility lies with the US americans who let this happen. They must act now.

And fight for punishment of all crimes against us, humanity.

People do not want war but peace.


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* The Dutch author this far has lived and worked abroad - never in an English speaking country - for more than 4 decades for international media as an independent foreign correspondent, of which 10 years - also during Gulf War I - in the Arab World and the Middle East. Seeing worldwide that every bullet and every bomb breeds more terrorism! Which also French President Jacques Chirac confirmed - Url.:  http://tinyurl.com/ym44vm

* FPF-COPYRIGHT NOTICE - In accordance with Title 17 U. S. C. Section 107 - any copyrighted work in this message is distributed by the Foreign Press Foundation under fair use, without profit or payment, to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the information. Url.:  http://liimirror.warwick.ac.uk/uscode/17/107.html

Editor: Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands





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US approach to Iran 25.Jan.2007 04:34

Dr. Peter Foreman, FIEE phforeman@hotmail.com

I absolutely agree with you correspondent about the disastrous result of US lies about States that do not obey their instructions. The proliferation of nuclear weapons to so-called six allies fails to acknowledge that Al-Queada grew out of one of their friendly States. The world should be embracing 'Concentrating Solar Power' to generate its electricity, not nuclear, which is another resource to run out and result in wars as with the invasion of Iraq.