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Body found east of Sandy

-Anybody know where Bergin and Willard are?
Whenever a body is found anywhere in Clackamas County, especially near Sandy, one has to wonder who pissed the cops off again. Carlos Rubio made that mistake, and was found weeks later, no clues. Fouad Kaady was, of course, shot to death in broad daylight, by the above named murderers with badges, ergo, we jump to the obvious conclusion-the cops probably killed this person.

This may seem like specious reasoning, but then, what would you call the "reasoning" of a "grand" jury, when told by the cops themselves, that they knew Fouad was unarmed, naked, "catatonic," and seated, cross legged alongside the road, when they chose to taser him until he ran, then killed him. Said "grand" jury found no problem with that.

STILL NO CLUES ON CARLOS 18.Mar.2007 10:23

DEBRA A RUBIO hardwayswife@yahoo.com

our family is still grieving - in the worst possible way. our son has been dead almost 2 years now. in 2 months, we'll celebrate his 2nd birthday without him.... where in this world is our justice? i miss my son so much. how can this happen in the united states of america. a young, bright, beautiful 20 year old boy dissappears and 2 years later the family is still without any sort of closure at all. to me - the biggest injustice is going on now. i still am begging for anyone to come forward with any information about what might have happened to my son. my heart hurts....... he was my baby......he was strong, motivated, and the best auto body painter for a boy his age that i have ever met. his future was bright and full of promise. what happened to carlos?????????????? still grieving......... debra a rubio