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Sidewalk law bans homeless, protestors

I'm not sure who is even paying attention to this. But City Council is about to pass the a sidewalk law this morning that will make illegal to sit or lie on a sidewalk, and make it requirement for protests, parades, etc to have a permit or be subject to arrest. This is big.


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Stop picking on the homeless 24.Jan.2007 22:45

Ohnny RP ohnny@riseup.net (go ahead tap it)

Me now being one of the many out there who have to struggle for a dry place to sleep I find this to be complete bullshit. To the ones ripping us away from being comfortable you can fuck off. We do not have the luxury to have jobs to keep a steady roof over our heads nor do most of us wanna have the oppressor saying where we can and cant sleep.
I'm sleeping on the justice center stairs tonight.
Resistance is everywhere even in your backyard

they ban street performance too 26.Jan.2007 07:44

kirsten anderberg

I have had the cops in Santa Cruz actually try to arrest MY AUDIENCE for SITTING DOWN TO LISTEN TO ME PERFORM on streets. Free music is also illegal on the streets nowadays...The Pike Place Market in Seattle is being sued by at least two street performers, including myself, right now over just this issue...who has a RIGHT to be ON THE STREET?! Apparently only cops, tourists, and business.