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Will Someone Please Explain?

Why is it that the entire country, suffering as it does from a completely broken "democracy," continues to focus it's "election" attention on Iowa (7) electoral votes, and New freakin Hampshire (4) votes?
Every election cycle, the drumbeat is the same. All of the candidates and all of the pundits, truck off to that great corn hole, and sit, talking "intelligently," with the coveral clad corn farmer, who has just managed to break through the ice, and drive the two hundred miles to the nearest town with a choke and puke, to have his wisdom heard. Then, if the candidate managed to garner a modicum of attention in this great state that has succeeded in giving us-what? ethanol? pig food? big football players? the candidate gets to move on to New Hampshire, where, as near as I can tell, this is the only event of the entire four years, worthy of any public attention at all, at all.
Please, can anybody explain this phenomenon, or do I just chalk it up as another of those unexplained events, like GW Bush?
Total stupidy 24.Jan.2007 07:28

that's all

As is everything else in the political and industrial games of the fucked up country.

Iowa and New Hampshire are the party primaries 24.Jan.2007 07:38

Fred Bauer

The big parties decide who will run in the real election. In theory, all states vote before the candidate is official, but in practice the weaker candidates drop out after the first few primaries and the party gets behind the winner.

This is not exactly a democratic process, it's controlled by the political parties and they can make their own rules.

Habits die hard... 24.Jan.2007 07:43

Pravda or Consequences

IMHO, political/media wonks use the events to determine electability although there doesn't seem to be much reporting about dissension except demonstrations and the cages set up for them. There are probably other reasons as well.

I guess that explains why they do it 24.Jan.2007 11:03


-But why does anybody in the real world pay any attention at all?

turn it off 24.Jan.2007 16:52

or try sci fi or the cartoon network

The people paying attention are not living in the real world.

Even if TV is your thing, there are much more entertaining forms of bullshit available on it.

Ignoring it . . . 24.Jan.2007 17:28


. . . doesn't make it go away. Talk to the German citizenry of the 1930s about that one.

To the OP 25.Jan.2007 06:22


Your contempt for rural farmers is noted.