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Col. Gardiner's Warning: Pieces in Place for Escalation

Regional diplomacy must replace empire-building. The strength of the law must replace the law of the stronger, the law of the jungle.
Iran: Pieces in Place for Escalation

"The fuel for a fire is in place".

by Colonel Sam Gardiner

Global Research , January 16, 2007
The Left Coaster - 2007-01-14

*Editorial Note*

/The following text by Colonel Sam Gardiner (USAF, Retired) confirms our worst fears. The US is in an advanced state of readiness to wage war on Iran.

//To reverse the tide requires a massive campaign of networking and outreach to inform people across the land, nationally and internationally, in neighborhoods, workplaces, parishes, schools,
universities, municipalities, on the dangers of a US sponsored war, which contemplates the use of nuclear weapons. The message should be loud and clear: It is not Iran which is a threat to global security but
the United States of America and Israel. Even without the use of nukes, the proposed aerial bombardments could result in escalation, ultimately leading us into a broader war in the Middle East. /

/Debate and discussion must also take place within the Military and Intelligence community, particularly with regard to the use of tactical nuclear weapons, within the corridors of the US Congress, in municipalities and at all levels of government. Ultimately, the
legitimacy of the political and military actors in high office must be challenged. /

/The corporate media also bears a heavy responsibility for the cover-up of US sponsored war crimes. It must also be forcefully challenged for its biased coverage of the Middle East war. /

/What is needed is to break the conspiracy of silence, expose the media lies and distortions, confront the criminal nature of the US Administration and of those governments which support it, its war agenda as well as its so-called "Homeland Security agenda" which has already defined the contours of a police State. /

/The World is at the crossroads of the most serious crisis in modern history. The US has embarked on a military adventure, "a long war", which threatens the future of humanity. It is essential to bring the US
war project to the forefront of political debate, particularly in North America and Western Europe. Political and military leaders who are opposed to the war must take a firm stance, from within their respective institutions. Citizens must take a stance individually and collectively against war.

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, 16 January 2006*/

I do not accept the notion that the first casualty of war is truth.

(Col. Sam Gardiner)/

The pieces are moving. They'll be in place by the end of February. The United States will be able to escalate military operations against Iran.

/The second carrier strike group leaves the U.S. west coast on Tuesday. It will be joined by naval mine clearing assets from both the United States and the UK. Patriot missile defense systems have also been ordered to deploy to the Gulf.

Maybe as a guard against North Korea seeing operations focused on Iran as a chance to be aggressive, a squadron of F-117 stealth fighters has just been deployed to Korea.

/This has to be called escalation./ We have to remind ourselves, just as Iran is supporting groups inside Iraq,/ the United States is supporting groups inside Iran./ Just as Iran has special operations troops operating inside Iraq, we've read the /United States has special operations troops operating inside Iran.

/ Just as Iran is supporting Hamas, two weeks ago we found out the United States is supporting arms for Abbas. Just as Iran and Syria are supporting Hezbollah in Lebanon we're now learning the White House has
approved a finding to allow the CIA to support opposition groups inside Lebanon. Just as Iran is supporting Syria, we've learned recently that/

the United States is going to fund Syrian opposition groups.

/ /We learned this week the President authorized an attack on the Iranian liaison office in Irbil.

The White House keeps saying there are no plans to attack Iran.

Obviously, the facts suggest otherwise./ Equally as clear, the Iranians will read what the Administrations is doing not what it is saying.

It is possible the White House strategy is just implementing a strategy to put pressure on Iran on a number of fronts, and this will never amount to anything. /On the other hand, if the White House is on
a path to strike Iran, we'll see a few more steps unfold.

/ First, /we know there is a National Security Council staff-led group whose mission is to create outrage in the world against Iran./ /

Just like before Gulf II, this media group will begin to release stories to sell a strike against Iran. Watch for the outrage stuff.

/ The Patriot missiles going to the GCC states are only part of the missile defense assets. /I would expect to see the deployment of some of the European-based missile defense assets to Israel, just as they
were before Gulf II.

I would expect deployment of additional USAF fighters into the bases in Iraq, maybe some into Afghanistan.

I think we will read about the deployment of some of the newly arriving Army brigades going into Iraq being deployed to the border with Iran. Their mission will be to guard against any Iranian movements into Iraq.

/*As one of the last steps before a strike, we'll see USAF tankers moved to unusual places, like Bulgaria. These will be used to refuel the US-based B-2 bombers on their strike missions into Iran. When that happens, we'll only be days away from a strike.

*/ The White House could be telling the truth. Maybe there are no plans to take Iran to the next level. The fuel for a fire is in place,

however. All we need is a spark. The danger is that we have created conditions that could lead to a Greater Middle East War.

[emphasis added by Global Research]

/Sam Gardiner is a Retired Air Force Colonel. He is an expert in military strategy. He has taught at the //National War College/

/. He has also taught at the Air War College, the Naval War College and as visiting scholar at the Swedish Defense College. His Truth In These Podia
(pdf) explains the propaganda methods used by the Pentagon to "sell the war".

See also the following 2005 Global Research review article on Sam Gardiner's analysis of the Pentagon's Office of Strategic Influence: America's Ministry of Propaganda Exposed, Downing Street Memo is but the Tip of the Iceberg, by Gar Smith

by Marc Batko www.mbtranslations.com,  mbatko@lycos.com

History is made capitalistically by the culture that attacks the poor, not poverty, and turns plowshares into swords. The challenge is to make capitalism history, to choose the human race over the arms race and people over profit.

Cinderella's sisters did everything to fit that shoe - including cutting off toes and heals. Caught by megalomania, the Bushies set "agenda" and "mission" over facts, reality, international law and elemental compassion. The Bushies rewrite history, refuse to admit failure and lies and trivialize the universal longing for freedom and self-determination. Allured by narcissism and myopia, the US becomes bloodied trying to fit into a shoe belonging to others. While his nose became longer, the American Pinocchio withers and demonizes critics as traitors. While King Midas discovers that money cannot be eaten and that the penultimate is not the ultimate, the world could become collateral damage of a sociopath with untreated blindness.

The empire must give way to sharing power in a multi-polar world without nuclear weapons.

Pan con Dignidad! No y contradicion Christianismo y revolution! (Bread with dignity! No contradiction of Christianity and revolution!) Rich in things and poor in soul, the US can begin again when it sees its neediness, mends its own pockets, reduces its footprint and values visions and long-term necessities instead of squandering resources and redistributing wealth to the elites. Selective memory and overreach like prejudice are stepping-stones to understanding and a new beginning. Can we become passionate about visions?

Americans see the Middle East as a mirror of themselves; they don't see a unique culture and civilization but a new New Jersey! We see what we want to see. We squander our resources like the Prodigal Son (Luke 15).

As frogs came before corporations, capitalism and plantation consciousness bridles the horse by the tail and sets the cart before the horse. Confusing part and whole, means and ends, public and private and real and imaginary, America acts out the Creole trick stylizing itself as the victim and decrying self-criticism and sustainability as weakness.

Harvey Cox in "Feast of Fools" sees overly consumerist hyper-individualistic America as bereft of memory and hope, festivity and fantasy. Can we see crisis as opportunity? Can we rediscover our visions and talents despite the economizing of all life and the selling-off of culture? Can we rejoice in a future of parallel worlds and a universe marked more by access than excess and open arms than clenched fists?

Please don't confuse war with natural law, a failed adventure with national interest, fatalism with hope or self-criticism with weakness.

Pinocchio's nose becomes longer. The media and the Congress must do what is most revolutionary, speak the truth and save the planet from destruction.

If we built community centers (and learned something from O Canada), we could turn from the warrior cult, the disciplining state and the national security dystopia.

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