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OHSU Student Publicizes Ignorance

OHSU Student Mars Hall wrote a letter to the "Oregonizm" magazine, which was published in the December and January issue. The content of the letter is illustrative of the blind ignorance that so-called "educated" people embrace to support fraudulent science. There is also clear evidence of the author's careless hatred of others.
The December and January issue of "Oregonizm," a magazine with lots of glossy advertisements but very little content, features a letter entitled, "OHSU Student Lashes Out," attributed to "Mars Hall" (page 26). The letter, if authentic, shows a disturbing degree of ignorance on the part of this OHSU student. Equally disturbing is the student's hatefulness. Would you want an ignorant hate-monger as your health practitioner?

Right off the bat, Mars Hall (alleged OHSU student) asserts that the protestors are not informed about the use of animals in lab testing and refers to them as "idiots." I wonder if Mars Hall also considers Dr. Jane Goodall, the world's most renowned primatologist, an "idiot" for being critical of OHSU's animal abuse? See her webpage at: www.janegoodall.org

Would Mars Hall also consider C. Ray Greek, MD, and Niall Shanks, PhD; president and vice-president of Americans For Medical Advancement, "idiots?" For their critique of non-human animal-modeled research see their website at: www.curedisease.com

These are just a few of the distinguished and articulate critics of non-human animal-modeled research. Perhaps Mars Hall knows better than all of these scientists. But has Mars Hall seen the pictures and video footage of animal abuse behind the walls of OHSU? Statements and reports made by Dr. Isis Johnson Brown, Oregon's former USDA inspector; and primate researcher Dr. Carol Shively, are available at www.boycottohsu.com, where you can also find the report of a former OHSU employee.

Mars Hall quickly steers away from any meaningful discussion by stating that all of the protestors are "obviously" "schizophrenic." This statement shows both ignorance and hatefulness towards those who truly have been diagnosed as "schizophrenic." These are not admirable qualities for someone in the health field.

In the seemingly endless stream of ignorance, Mars Hall then speaks derisively about testing on humans, comparing using humans as test-subjects to "Hitler." Mars Hall is apparently unaware that OHSU is currently conducting experiments with human subjects, including the controversial "saline" experiment.

In addition to using profanities to curse protestors, Mars Hall also engages in vulgar imagination in this letter. Mars Hall encourages protestors to protest rodeos (which makes sense), but then indulges in fantasizing aobut bestiality and projects it onto others ("and then they probably f- the helpless beasts afterwards in their stalls, yelling 'yee-haw!'"). I'm asking you, Mars Hall, if there is any evidence of bestiality at rodeos, please let the public know. Otherwise it would appear that this scenario is just the product of your own daydreaming, which is disturbing, considering the possibility of access to helpless animals at OHSU.

Towards the end of the letter, the relentlessly ignorant Mars Hall makes yet another bold and inaccurate assumption: that protestors don't do anything to help animals besides protesting animal abusers. Why would Mars Hall make this assumption? Only a combination of hate and ignorance can explain such a statement.

And, of course, at the very end of the letter, Mars Hall wishes that the protestors would be killed.

OHSU should be ashamed to be represented this way in public, and should make an effort to distance itself from Mars Hall. As a student at OHSU, Mars Hall represents the product of an education at OHSU.

There is also the possibility that this letter is a fake, published by the Oregonizm as an attempt to get draw attention to themselves. Either way, it is up to OHSU to address this letter and the damage done to OHSU's public image.
need help in locating article 24.Jan.2007 09:51

i hate computers

noel, am one of those computer illiterates.please tell me how to locate the website for oregonizm and access the letter from mars hall.appreciate.

found it 25.Jan.2007 11:26


Looks bogus to me. Plus the magazine is some bar rag.

found it 25.Jan.2007 11:34


I almost forgot,

Here's the link

 link to profile.myspace.com

Yep - a bar rag

the actual letter 25.Jan.2007 17:49

Noel Boudy

the actual letter can ba found at:
which is the web address of the whole magazine in pdf...the letter is on pg 26.

Mars Hall 27.Jan.2007 14:39

no one

the e-mail address is not valid on this issue. Who is playing games???? who ever you are you must really be bored!!!

mars hall 27.Jan.2007 14:43

no body

i was refering to the respond e-mail address!