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Cheney, Rice Sponsor Diarrhea Medicine for Big Pharma at State of Union Address

There can only be one explanation for the grimaces on the faces of Cheney and Rice as they listen to the State of the Union Address--they are either trying to "out serious" the Democrats (Nancy Pelosi must have to pee real bad, cus she keeps squirming in her seat) or they are sponsoring diarrhea medicine for big pharmaceutical companies.
Hey, don't laugh. Diarrhea is big business, especially in Washington, DC. Two hours of sponsorship during the State of the Union address is big time advertising. I think I have to go just from watching this crap. Dick Cheney and Condi Rice are clearly clinched up at the sphinctor muscle until the point of exploding, but the sit there with that stern, grave look on there face. They must take a damn good diarrhea medicine.

I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I really do think these guys are full of crap.

Very good!! 23.Jan.2007 20:20


Too funny, and I had to send to my brother!!

No... 23.Jan.2007 20:51


EVer hear of Depends? They even make them in Dick's size, but, unfortunately, not big enough to pull over his head, tape up the holes, and throw the shit out.

There was a great Depends faux ad out recently... 24.Jan.2007 08:33