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Tree sit in progress on campus

Oak grove is in danger.
On the UC Berkeley campus, there is a grove of old oak trees which is now in jeopardy. The UCB regents are planning to cut the trees to expand the university's sport stadium. They will have a difficult time, though, as a tree sit is in progress. Within the last few days, three women "of a certain age" have joined in the protest. Former mayor Shirley Dean is 71 years old. She is joined by 86 year old Betty Olds and 90 year old Sylvia McLaughlin. The women have a long history of working in the city government and on environmental issues. They are not about to quit now.

There is a law against cutting mature Coast Live Oaks in California, but that law was waived so that the $125 million addition to the sports complex could be built. Tree sitter activist "Redwood Mary" said that she would enforce the law against cutting the trees with her body if necessary. A temporary restraining order against cutting was issued on January 12th, but the battle is not over. For more information, you may go to www.SaveOaks.com or email  volunteer@saveoaks.com.

Nice work 23.Jan.2007 20:09


It's good to see people standing up for the trees. Might this urban forest action be the only direct action for trees happening on the west coast presently? Hats off to Mary and those past and present who have sat in trees to protect them from the chain saws.

Good 23.Jan.2007 20:13


I'll take one good tree over 1000 sports complexes. In fact I'll take one small tree over 1000 sports complexes. These people deserve support.

Sending your Opinion is EASY to do 26.Jan.2007 15:12

Joe Anybody

This link

++  http://www.savecaloaks.org/SaveCalOaks/formsend.html ++

opens a already written easy to send email to the following:

Chancellor Birgeneau, Mayor Bates, UC President Dynes, & Regents