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Parc Report Part 2 ,presentation Tomorrow ,Portland City Council

Part 2 of the imfamous Parc Report,Re: Portland Police Dept,"Use of Force" will,be heard and Public testimony is encouraged.
Part 2 of the above report was handed out under cloak and dagger at City Council,Only one Hour before they were to vote to accept it,because I saw it on the counter at te IPR office and snagged a Pile,
and handed them out. then I was asked to stop taking them, and that people could find them on their own.

Lucky for me, The Northwest Constitional Rights Center Director,"Alejandro Queral" was there to be sworn in With Chief Sizer and the others selected to be on the "Police Racial profiling Commission",or we would not have seen the report yet.
Dan Handleman from "Copwatch got up and testify'd as to his concerns of "JUST" then finding out out the release of the report.SO acceptance of that report is only after public Testimony tomorrow. We have to stay on top of this kind of Behavior of no transparency and being dictated to!!!that how you lose your right to defend and Protest questionable policy's.

I guess as I have also noticed several times before that, and again last week, The City Charter revised report Commission only handed their report to Mayor Potter 24 hours before City Council.That comes up for Public testimony on Feb 7th,2007
The wording from the 1913 Charter match's most of what this so called Charter Commission claims they rewrote, such language, I got up and testify'd against, such as calling citizens CRIPPLE"S and "VAGRANTS", and said, "Cripple's would not be put on display in public places", and wording RE;Posters in Public places ETC.....
Sounds like it tromping on Civil rights of freedom of speech.

Guess they need a Back-up commission to check the work of the Commission,thats going to create the new City manager (whom will be the fall guy for the mayor)

Can never have to much Back -up... Unless your name is James, Perez, or Jim Jim.

Be there tomorrow, and on Feb 7th,2007