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J27 Washington, D.C. meetup

Directions to just one meetup location for anyone planning on going to Washington, D.C., for the Peace March this Saturday, January 27. This meetup is organized by Kucinich volunteers.
Robert Ruszkowski has posted this at the Kucinich web site -

"Washington DC Peace March - Kucinich Supporters Location to Meet"

All Dennis Kucinich Supporters/Volunteers that will be attending the
Saturday, January 27th Massive Peace March in Washington DC at 1pm are
requested to assemble starting at 11 AM at the front entrance steps of
the United States Botanic Garden/Conservatory.

Webpage for the Botanic Garden:  http://www.usbg.gov/index.cfm

The USBG Conservatory main entrance is located at 100 Maryland Avenue
SW, Washington D.C.20024 (Use this address for internet mapping
searches.) The Conservatory is located just off the Mall between 1st St and 3rd St to the Right of the Capital when on the mall. For a google Map of the area go to:


and copy/paste/type in the above address .

To View a 360 Picture go to:

 link to www.usbg.gov

For General Information about the USBG Conservatory call 202-225-8333.

A limited number of metered parking spaces is available within a few
blocks of the USBG. The use of public transportation is encouraged. Take Metrorail Blue or Orange line to Federal Center SW or Capital South stations, or Metro Bus #30, 32, 34, 35, or 36 to Independence Avenue and First Street, SW. For more information on using Metro Rail or Bus, please visit:

truth out 23.Jan.2007 14:01

truth out

I'm sorry, but you guys are pathetic. You're STILL putting faith into someone who WILL NOT help us.

The Democratic party is DEAD.

And by the way, there WILL be a 9/11 truth presence there. (They would be annoyed that I called you guys pathetic since they will attempt to reach out to you, but it does seem to be true--prove me wrong)

Alterative March 25.Jan.2007 20:52

My own drum

SDS and other radical folks are meeting at Dupont Circle at 11am rather than
joining the UFPJ.