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Earth is Losing its Ability to Absorb CO2?

Scientists are very worried from their
data that shows increasing CO2 levels
that are growing faster than anticipated
and faster than the growth of emissions.
CO2 rose at record levels in 2006, the fourth of the past five
years showing increases that are not in line with the slow increase
in man's emmision of the greenhouse gas. It would be explained if
there had been a volcanic eruption each year somewhere on the
planet.....but there has not been even one.

Peter Cox, a climate change expert at Exeter University, said: " The
concern is that climate change itself will affect the ability of the land
to absorb our emissions."

They are worried that this means we have less time than they thought
to change our polluting ways before huge changes in the climate occur.

This information is from the following article:

Surge in carbon levels raises fears of runaway warming, by David Adam
Environment correspondent, Guardian UK, 1/19/07
permafrost 22.Jan.2007 17:01


I've read that permafrost melting in siberia is contributing more greenhouse gas emissions than from human based sources:


CO2 measures not available 22.Jan.2007 17:02


it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain
information about CO2 levels.

2003 level of CO2 375.6 ppm (mauna kea)
a 60 ppm increase from 1959, average increase 2ppm per year

predicted level 2050
447 ppm (exponential model), 434 ppm (linear model)

but modelling not scientifically correct, and this
indicates impossibility of "scientific modelling".

for example, if CO2 increases by 5 ppm in each
of next 3 years (a very large increase)
the predicted exp. model is 454 ppm. But our intuition
tells us otherwise (500+ppm)

Yes Nick 22.Jan.2007 18:21


I saw that too. The bad news is that that source of CO2 is just getting started. It will be getting steadily worse and become huge in a decade or so. At this time they think it is only a small part, though.

melting "perma" frost 22.Jan.2007 20:39


"I've read that permafrost melting in siberia is contributing more greenhouse gas emissions than from human based sources:"

Is Nick searching for justification for continuing on the same lifestyle? The permafrost is most likely melting as a result of pollution caused by human activity, setting into motion a positive-feedback loop (gas released due to melting causes yet more warm temperatures, leading to more melting). Same thing with the ice at or near the poles.

melting permafrost releasing methane, not CO2 23.Jan.2007 06:45


The bad news is that methane is a much more effective greenhouse gas than CO2 (20x). Given these feedback mechanisms, the window is closing on our ability to meaningfully counter these issues, if it hasn't already closed.