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Citizens' Hearing on Legality of Iraq War and Occupation

About 400 people gathered each day to hear testimony before the Citizen's Hearing on the legality of the U.S. actions in Iraq. It is important to note that only one national TV station showed up to cover this event, and that station was from Japan. The mainstream media ignored this event.

This Tribunal was necessary because Lt. Ehren Watada has refused to deploy to Iraq. "It is my duty as a commissioned officer in the United States army to speak out against grave injustices," he stated. "My moral and legal obligation is to the constitution. Not to those who issue unlawful orders. I stand before you today because it is my job to serve and protect American soldiers and innocent Iraqis who have no voice. It is my conclusion that the war in Iraq is not only morally wrong, but also a breach of American law."
Dick and Condi
Dick and Condi
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