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"We Love Our Dogs" (Diva Dog report back)

I went to see Diva Dog and Off the Chain last night. It was a free show, presented by the rescue organization Positively Pitbull. Actually, I intended to just see Diva Dog, and was assured by one of the presenters of this event that it would play
first. I had been warned that Off the Chain was brutally graphic, and I did not want to subject myself to the images I knew it would contain. So I kind of resent the fact that, despite assurances to the contrary, they showed Off the Chain first, and I was forced to sit through it. ("Everyone should see this," I was told by a presenter. However, given the setting -- a room full of people who love dogs and animal rights activists who are already in the struggle against dog fighting -- I am not sure that it was necessary to subject us all to that. It was roughly akin to going to a gathering of radical vegans, and forcing them to sit through slaughter house videos... I mean, we know that already, that's why we're here.)
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