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Portland Auto Show Jan 25-28: PROTEST IT, BOYCOTT IT, BLOCK IT!

The Portland Auto Show at the Oregon Convention Center.
The automakers must restart production of zero emission battery electric vehicles.

Holding an auto show where nearly 100% of the vehicles available for sale pollute the atmossphere with air toxins is unacceptable.

Health and Environment must come before economic rationale.

The goal is to replace gasoline powered vehicles with battery electric vehicles whenever and wherever possible for transportation needs where other alternatives such as walking, bicycling, and public transit are insufficient.

Maximum sustainable pressure must continue to be applied upon the automakers to force a downward trending vehicle count on the world's roadways.

wanna organize? 22.Jan.2007 19:49

liz lizshannon50@gmail.com

Does anyone wanna meet somewhere to organize a protest for this? I'm available Thursday and Friday, let me know.

Protest it 23.Jan.2007 09:13

Anon Anon

I would but I'm not willing to stand outside the convention center hour after hour. Its a horrible, horrible environment: concrete everywhere, cars and trucks ragefully racing and roaring by!

Ban toxic-emissions cars and trucks from the city center.

Mandate the automakers and big oilees to release their grip on non-toxic advanced EV battery patents.

sign me up! 23.Jan.2007 17:57


It is possible 24.Jan.2007 09:42


I will be driving my dodge charger hemi to crush the nuts of the new world order followers...they will not be expecting it

Why ? 16.Mar.2007 08:46


why must you protest something that you don''t even understand? There's a cheese show in Wisconsin, let's all protest that!

ooo 16.Mar.2007 08:48

wisling bunghole

why do you protest such a cool thing? are you guys still living with your parents?