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Jan 28th, We the People are going to Meet the Press

Many people are going to the protest in DC next weekend, and UFPJ and codepink are calling on everyone to march on congress monday when they are in session. Here is a great way to wake the media on Sunday. Please pass this on to anyone who is going to the march Jan 27
Congress is not the only Bush Enabler- they could not have done it without the complete complicity of the corporate media. This is our chance to give them an earful.

Double the power of this weekend's DC Protest, march on the Capitol with UFPJ Saturday the 27th, then STAY to march on the TV Stations bright and early Sunday Morning. Bush, Cheney, Pelosi and the rest of the politicians do not want the crowd to stay.... are you going to abide by their wishes?


PDF Flyer with a map of the DC TV Studios
2nd page = 4x flyer for pocket size handouts


Some are predicting this to be the biggest march yet, which would mean 500,000+ ? in DC.... if just 100 WRH readers printed 20 copies each, thats 2000 flyers circulating... that could equate to thousands making some serious noise outside the studios.


(note: still looking for Fox studios in DC)

meet-the-press.pdf212.54 KB

homepage: homepage: http://5

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UPFJ and codepink want you to stay in DC until monday 22.Jan.2007 10:41


here is a great map of the congressional offices


Be like the grannies!
"Granny organizers announced that 100 grannies from 21 states had come to lobby Congress. Most of the chapters have sprung up in the last year.

As the Philadelphians left the news conference in the Capitol basement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was walking past. "We're counting on you," said Paula Paul, quickly identifying herself and shaking the speaker's hand.

"Wish I could be with you, but I have to open the House," Pelosi said. "Being speaker has its responsibilities."

As Pelosi, arguably the most powerful grandmother in America, disappeared down a hallway, a member of the Granny Peace Brigade shouted after her, "Impeach Bush.",,,

Walking out of the building, they bumped into Specter himself.

"We're urging you to think, 'No more funding' for the war," Paul said.

"I'm thinking about it," said Specter.

"Thank you for thinking about it," she replied.


"You grannies are the conductors on the peace train," said Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), who is making his second presidential run as a peace candidate.

"We will not be silent! We will not be silent!" hollered the militant grandmothers.