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come meet other activists,
join our vegan potuck!
come meet other activists,
join our vegan potuck!

talk about your work, and learn about other groups!

find out about the spring training in april!

discover how you can be involved in organizing
a month of workshops to
educate and empower your community
to act for social justice!

when: 5:30 pm, sunday the 21st
where: downstairs cafeteria, in the smith center
at portland state university

bring food, and friends!

in common struggle,

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Hungry for change? 21.Jan.2007 11:17


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I went to the last one and no one was there. 21.Jan.2007 20:11


And I said "WTF."

me too 23.Jan.2007 22:22


my wife & i tried going to one a couple of months ago, & no one was there that time, either.