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Kucinich seeks your ideas

As Chair of the newly created Domestic Policy Subcommittee, Dennis Kucinich (D - Ohio 10th Dist.) is asking citizens for "suggestions and ideas as to how we can make our government truly become a government of the people, by the people and for the people."

Go to


and log in, then go to this page


to post your suggestions on domestic policy. What would you like the new subcommittee to investigate? What legislation would you like to see advanced to improve our lives in these United States? Health care? Corporate media? Labor law? Food and drugs? Education? Endangered species or endangered habitat?
LOG IN and make your ideas known! You can also copy your comments to Kucinich for your own Congress person - Blumenauer, Wu, Hooley, DeFazio, or other.

"This week Rep. Henry Waxman, Chairman of the Committee on Government Oversight of the United States House of Representatives, with the approval of members of the full committee, created a new subcommittee; one with the broadest oversight authority of any subcommittee in the federal government, with jurisdiction over all Domestic Policy in the United States."

Better known outside of Ohio for consistently voting against the war and for presenting alternatives to the current military policies of the Bush administration, including his proposal to create a cabinet-level Department of Peace, Kucinich is also well-known for opposition to corporate privatization and for re-regulation rather than de-regulation.

Before being elected to Congress, Dennis was a member of the Cleveland City Council, Clerk of the Cleveland Municipal Courts and Mayor of the City of Cleveland - famous in Ohio for successfully saving Cleveland's electrical utility from privatization in an Enron-style take-over aggressively promoted by all the big money interests (including corporate media) in Ohio. Dennis has also been an Ohio State Senator -- so he has served at local, state and federal levels, in legislative, executive and 'quasi' judicial branches.

Rep. Kucinich today has one of the broadest backgrounds of anyone in government today.

"I intend to put my lifetime of experience to work as the Chairman of the Domestic Policy Subcommittee of Government Oversight."

This subcommittee has jurisdiction over the following departments of the federal government:

Department of Agriculture

Department of Commerce,

Department of Education,

Department of Energy

Department of Health ad Human Services

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Department of Interior

Department of Justice

Department of Labor

Department of Transportation

Department of the Treasury

Department of Veterans Affairs

It also has jurisdiction over the

Broadcasting Board of Governors

Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Corporation for National and Community Service

Environmental Protection Agency

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Farm Credit Administration

Federal Communications Commission

Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation

Federal Election Commission

Federal Housing Finance Board

Federal Labor Relations Authority

Federal Maritime Commission

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission

Federal Reserve System

Federal Retirement and Thrift Investment Board

Federal Trade Commission

General Services Administration

Inter-American Foundation

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

National Capital Planning Commission

National Credit Union Administration

National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities

National Endowment for the Arts

National Endowment for the Humanities

Institute of Museum and Library Services

National Labor Relations Board

National Mediation Board

National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK)

National Science Foundation

National Transportation Safety Board

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission

Office of Government Ethics

Office of National Drug Control Policy

Office of Special Counsel

Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation

Railroad Retirement Board

Securities and Exchange Commission

Small Business Administration

Social Security Administration

Tennessee Valley Authority

United States Commission on Civil Rights

Plus, over 50 Boards, Commissions and Committees, including:

Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States

Endangered Species Committee

Federal Financing Bank

Marine Mammal Commission

Migratory Bird Conservation Commission

National Indian Gaming Commission

National Park Commission

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

United States Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

The subcommittee also has jurisdiction over the following quasi official agencies:

Legal Services Corporation

Smithsonian Institution

...and more...

2 ideas 20.Jan.2007 15:16

ghost of Saddam

(1.) Pledge to refuse to support any candidate who refuses to stop the funding for the occupation of the Middle East.

(2.) Leave the Democrat Party.

not good enough, Kuny 20.Jan.2007 16:03


Funny considering that he just recently concured with Nancy Pelosi that "impeachment is off the table". He also refuses to support a new, independent investigation into the events of 9/11/01, despite pleas from the 9/11 family members.

This gesture of his, is a token one, at best.

The 2-party duopoly (and I would argue MONopoly) needs to come down. By refusing to support the most crucial issues, Kucinich is proving himself to be (in effect) on the same team as the neo-cons and neo-libs. He is bogus, as is the entire Democratic party.

Second the Motion 20.Jan.2007 18:33

Den Mark, Vancouver

I was going to say the same thing ----- leave the party, Dennis. You are wrong. You canNOT change it from within, any more than you can change a turd from within.

Leaving The DP.... 20.Jan.2007 20:17


...would be a promising start, but I won't hold my breath for Dennis.

a suggestion 21.Jan.2007 00:58


Quit posturing like you are unaware of the basic function of the Democratic Party: subverting all potentially alternative/independent movements into a political dead-end.

The Democrats have always been, and will always be a party for the elite... and more people are catching on to this fact.

Just for starters... 21.Jan.2007 03:35

Michael b

For a start:

>Undermine capitalist's monopoly on governing communities!

Disband the US chamber of commerce!

Stop funding for all associated chamber of commerce management schools.


>Create federal legislation that promotes collective and democratic ownership of land, and provides for the establishment of land trusts in areas zoned as commercial districts so that local communities can have a chance at fighting economic gentrification and warfare. The idea being that it's difficult ensure that business (like Wall Mart) that come into your community act morally, when "you" being the majority of working poor Americans are being pushed from place to empty place just trying to keep your head above water. Poverty is a policy.
Do something about it.

>!!!!!!!!!!STOP DEVINE STRAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!STOP DEVINE STRAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!STOP DEVINE STRAKE!!!!!!!!!!!





>Create a uniform system for tracking death, that includes systemic diagnosis, and when consistent with religious liberties: autopsy. The idea being that when millions of Americans die the death certificate might say "heart attack." If you can even read it. In order to get a clear perspective on what is really going on in Americans health and create policy to address problems across generations you need more information. Why did so and so have a heart attack? Did chronic problems, or chronic exposures contribute to this death what were they?

>Make licensed research compounds regulated by occupational exposure and hazardous compound transport/tracking laws. In other words make OSHA protections apply to the Technology Transfer Act of 1983. INCLUDE TRACKING REQUIREMENTS FOR LICENSED PHARMACUTICAL RESEARCH COMPOUNDS, AND GENETICLY MODIFIED ORGANIZIMS. Remove Reagan's obscurity of cooperate privacy protections from publicly funded research, and grant FOIA access to all Technology Transfer Office documents pertaining to animal, and human clinical studies.

Why? Because half of all drugs taken to market get yanked in the first year. The survivors of Phen Phen, Dimatap, and a host of other drugs gone wrong would like access to the records that demonstrate faulty research. Academic studies done by the Biro Ethicist Mildred Chow concluded that more than 80% of surveyed drug researchers say that their publicly funded research has been wrongfully influenced by the influx of outside cooperate money. Democracy is impossible in an environment where such blatant abuses of the public trust are normal, every day coinsurances! Communities effected by corrupted occupational exposure standards, and drugs gone wrong would like to hold publicly funded research institutions, and the multinational drug czars that now run them accountable.

Doing so is increadably difficult not because our government pisses away billions electro ejaculating emaciated primates, but because a carefully crafted shroud of corporate privacy, and property "rights" law legitimizes suffering, and gets in the way of transparency. The cost for this monumental fuck up, remains animal and human lives. This whole mess of "medical de-regulation" is even mixed up with broad FDA exposure limits for pesticides.

If you beleave that democratic institutions are accountable, and transparent institutions; then I beleave you have a moral obligation to undo Reagan's legacy of cooperate and medical "de-regulation."

Universal health care is not possible in a process, or a climate where drug companies can hide behind monkey studies while Americans die of LUNG CANCER, POLY VINYL CLORIDE EXPOSURE, and a host of other illnesses they've "proved" aren't happening. A parable would be: "You can't save your money to buy enough lunch to share with your friends when the school bully keeps kicking your ass and taking your money." Look at Medicaid, look at Medicare, look at drug prices, and hazardous compound exposure laws in our society and tell me this isn't a problem, that it isn't happening. I dare you. Not one Democrat has the courage to acknowledge or address this problem seriously. Your party is the fucking drug lobby.

>Oh, and smack the next Propaganda Broadcasting Snake officer that says:
"We don't know if the democrats will have the courage to take up free trade legislation." Let's deport these beasts to their sweatshop city in Mexico for an extended, embedded, interview with child laborers so that they can gain a better perspective on their lies.


Create federal penalties for police support of, and cooperation with the minutemen, the clan, or any other right wing militia.

>Justice for Katrina survivors!

>Reparations for the descendants of slaves. Liquidation for all corporations that rose on their ancestors backs.

Just for starts.

Oh, and Kucinich won't you kick McCain in the face for me, for supporting the removal of Dine peoples from Black Mesa? Please?


In common struggle?

grinding axes - lots of heat - no light 21.Jan.2007 13:43


Can't some of you people get beyond your anxiety that maybe something good will come out of Dennis's participation in the Congress? Try this: maybe investigations will lead to impeachment? Maybe 2007 will lead to 2008 and, maybe, some improvements in 2009?

But no, of course not. Nothing good can possibly evolve until the overthrow of the two-party system!

But if so -- maybe something can be opened up by Dennis and the new subcommittee. Maybe something can be developed in cooperation with Dennis - who strongly supports IRV and other election/ballot reform - that will advance transformation of the two-party system and will further the cause of a new and strong party to the Left of the Democrats?

I mean, we have to start from where we are now, don't we?

TO "ghost of Saddam" 21.Jan.2007 13:45


The ghost's main suggestion is:

" (1.) Pledge to refuse to support any candidate who refuses to stop the funding for the occupation of the Middle East."

That's some backassward thinking! Dennis' candidacy is all about stopping funding for the war and, therefore, it is all about confronting candidates who vote for further funding. That is - since the point seems to be so difficult for some to grasp - Dennis' candidacy is all about persuading members of Congress (and the American public) to stop the funding for the war. (To get people to understand that there is no other way to stop the war!)

"Kucinich in 2008" EQUALS "Stop the War NOW!"

TO 'axoliv' 21.Jan.2007 13:47


'axoliv' says this:

< Dennis "refuses to support a new, independent investigation into the events of 9/11/01, despite pleas from the 9/11 family members.">

I follow Dennis' statements and positions pretty good, and I do not believe that Dennis has ever been critical of - or expressed opposition to - a new independent invesiigation into 9/11.

Will the new subcommittee open an investigation into 9/11? I don't know, but you might try registering your support for that at the link given in the article! (Oh, but you can't sully your purity by touching any of the outcasts from your tidy little belief system?)

TO 'DEX' 21.Jan.2007 13:48


"the basic function of the Democratic Party: subverting all potentially alternative/independent movements into a political dead-end."

Right! For example, take the SEP or the Green Party - Dennis is the cause of their failure to produce any significant results! I mean, it couldn't possibly be because DEX hasn't worked hard enough at - or really isn't interested in - building an alternative party!

It's all those Dems! Especially the progressives like Dennis! All their fault! Nothing we can do . . . it's all so unfair . . . damn Dems anyway!

FINALLY - a real response from 'Michael b' 21.Jan.2007 13:52


I hope that you (Michael b) have registered your ideas at the link provided!

1. Investigate the Chamber of Commerce. Let's go farther than that -- let's investigate he entanglement of corporate interests and government bureaucracy! How about this for a focus of investigation -- the revolving door that rotates the same people in and out of government from their well-paid sinecures in the world of corporate finance! LET DENNIS KNOW OF YOUR CONCERN!

2. Selective Service. I am afraid that the jurisdiction of the subcommittee excludes the DoD - but maybe Selective Service comes under its purview. LET DENNIS KNOW OF YOUR CONCERN!

3. Federal funding of gentrification. LET DENNIS KNOW OF YOUR CONCERN!

4. DIVINE STRAKE - test site and other nuclear testing/manufacture issues! LET DENNIS KNOW OF YOUR CONCERN! (I, too, will be pushing for that investigation!)


I am not sure if this comes under the purview of the subcommittee - it's limited to "Domestic Policy". But, by all means - LET DENNIS KNOW OF YOUR CONCERN!


BIA and First Nations.

SOA (by any name) and INTERPOL schools (of torture and terrorism).


I think that every issue you have mentioned is of interest to Dennis. What he is trying to do now is identify and prioritize the issues - figure out where to start.

I suggest that you separate out your suggestions and post one comment at the link (in the article above) for each of the many issues that you identified.

Thanks for posting.

I signed up but no response. 21.Jan.2007 15:52


I signed up twice but no response. I got no access email back.

2004 election and what it meant 21.Jan.2007 17:23


Frankly, I could never understand why Dennis folded up his delegates in the 2004 Democratic convention without even a single protest of significance. He had come quite far, had many delegates supporting him (well over a hundred but I'm too lazy to go look up the real number and my memory fades). Did he demand to have airtime for a speech before releasing his delegates. Did he demand to have planks inserted into the Democratic party platform (token, for sure, but still...). Did he do anything other than roll over after a long fight? NO. He did nothing. He rolled over. There are thousands of very pissed off supporters. Why the hell didn't he at least push one last time?

Without evidence, I concluded that it was possible he just didn't want to rock the boat since the fight would be over after the convention, and he wanted to preserve his politician capital for other fights. Nevertheless, when someone wraps themselves in a cause (pull out of Iraq, etc.), not taking a perfect opportunity to demand more exposure for your cause is, at best, stupid.

I canvased for Dennis, penned about 10 editorials, gave Dennis money, and supported the 2004 campaign. But I don't think I would bend over backwards for him now. He's generally a good many, but there's something wrong with this picture and I haven't yet figured out what it is...............

is or is not dennis kucinich offering us a repeat of 2004 22.Jan.2007 04:43

you tell us: what's different this time

"Spirit merges with matter to sanctify the universe. Matter transcends to return to spirit. The interchangeability of matter and spirit means the starlit magic of the outermost life of our universe becomes the soul-light magic of the innermost life of our self. The energy of the stars becomes us. We become the energy of the stars. Stardust and spirit unite and we begin: One with the universe. Whole and holy. From one source, endless creative energy, bursting forth, kinetic, elemental. We, the earth, air, water and fire-source of nearly fifteen billion years of cosmic

"We begin as a perfect union of matter and spirit. We receive the blessings of the Eternal from sky and earth. In our outstretched hands we can feel the energy of the universe. We receive the blessings of the Eternal from water, which nourishes and sanctifies life. We receive the blessings of the Eternal from the primal fire, the pulsating heart of creation. We experience the wonder of life multidimensional and transcendent. We extend our hands upwards and we are showered with abundance. We ask and we receive. A universe of plenty flows to us, through us. It is in us. We become filled with endless possibilities." -- Dennis Kucinich, June 9, 2002

This flaky New Age pothead took all your support in 2004 and handed it off to sellout warmonger and Diebold pushover John Kerry, who couldn't be bothered to even run a credible campaign. Reasonable people have asked more than once whether Kerry lost on purpose. The way Kucinich could show us that he didn't sell his supporters out on purpose would be for him to explain what the fuck he was thinking at the time, what he's learned, and what he'll do differently this time.

so... 22.Jan.2007 14:29


If we were all living on a slave plantation, the author of the above post would tell us:

"give the new plantation owner a chance, he has some great ideas; we have to work with what we got right?"

Wrong. We have to wrong tirelessly to wrestle our social and political life away from the tiny elite who dominate our existence, in an ever-increasing blatant way. Independence from both elite parties, and the construction of a mass organization of our own (a party) is the first, absolutely necessary step towards peace and freedom.

I'm sure Kucinich supporters have the best of intentions, but they need to realize who props up the Democratic party in the first place: the giant corporations who do anything for profits, whether it be send young men and women to die, or simply destroy our natural environment.

For a party of average, working people against the corporate domination of daily life.

Dennis, quit stumping for warmongers 24.Jan.2007 00:16


Last time around, Dennis swore up and down that he was against the war. When he inevitably lost the Dem candidacy, he urged all his supporters to vote for warmonger Kerry.

He will do the same for Clinton this time around (or whoever else becomes the Dem candidate).

That is his function: corral in all the anti-war voters towards the mainstream pro-war Dem. That's what all fringe Democrat primary candidates do. Sharpton, et al, did it last time as well. Rope in as many people as possible to rubberstamp the kinder, gentler capitalist empire.

Check out this prescient 2003 editorial, whose predictions all turned out to be true:

"Kucinich has gained support from the left by promoting the idea that he is an outsider in the Democratic Party. But nothing could be further from the truth. Kucinich has been a Democratic Party politician since the tender age of 23. Those on the left who are considering voting for him should ask themselves why Kucinich has spent his entire political career participating in and supporting a party that he claims to oppose on so many major issues.

"Kucinich isn't in the race to win the presidency. He's in the race playing the vital role of pulling the left back into the Democratic Party fold. As he recently told the Cleveland Plain Dealer, 'The Democratic Party created third parties by running to the middle. What I'm trying to do is to go back to the big tent so that everyone who felt alienated could come back through my candidacy.' Similarly, Kucinich recently told the Progressive, 'I have no interest in a third party candidacy. None. I want to do it the other way - bring third-party candidates into the [Democratic] Party and get support in the primaries.'

"No one should be fooled, therefore, by Kucinich's recent campaigning alongside former third-party candidate Ralph Nader. Unfortunately, this is not a signal that Kucinich is breaking with the Democrats, but that Nader is allowing himself to be used to swing former Nader supporters behind the Democrats he so rightly skewered in the last presidential race.

"Since Kucinich has no chance of winning the Democratic nomination, he will take whatever support he does gain and funnel it into whoever does win the nomination-regardless of how right wing that candidate is. By making sure opposition has a small space to occupy inside the Democratic Party, candidates like Kucinich serve as a buffer against the very real threat of support going to an actual third-party candidate who would not be beholden to either the Democratic or Republican Parties-both of which support war, big business and the priorities of the rich over the priorities of poor and working people. That some Democrats feel the need to tack left in order to gain support is a good sign that American politics is shifting in our direction. But those of us on the left who would like to see a real debate over these issues inside mainstream politics need to look beyond the boundaries of the two-party system."