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Minnesota Daily Launches Series of 9/11 Truth Columns


Adri Mehra will be doing a series of five 9/11 truth related columns for the Minnesota Daily, America's largest-circulation college newspaper.

(Contact your local college paper and urge them to pick it up and publish it!) The first one was published today:
The Jenga hypothesis, or how I learned to start worrying - The Minnesota Daily


At 24 this guy is doing what the Woodwards and Hershes and Krugmans and all the other cowards masquerading as journalists apparently cannot bring themselves to do--confront the truth about the most important historical event of the century. If journalism has a future, this is it.

Here's an excerpt from Adri Mehra's recent email:

Hello Mr. Barrett,

My name is Adri Mehra. I'm a senior columnist for the Minnesota Daily at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, which has the LARGEST circulation of any college newspaper in the United States. I have been following the 9/11 truth movement for several months and it has truly changed my life - it is certainly the 'keyhole' to the enlightenment and self-governance that so many Americans need and subconsciously desire in these New Dark Ages of our nation's political ideology. I have watched dozens of hours of documentaries and read many essays and articles, as well as keeping an eye on the 'Debunking 9/11' counterstrike orchestrated by Popular Mechanics and the condescending mainstream media coverage of the movement.

As far as I have been able to discern, there has been NO college newspaper that has extensively covered the 9/11 truth movement, and I would like to change that by running a five-part series of editorial features on the movement. (...)

...In addition, as a 24-year-old Afghani-American, I have had what I consider to be THREE times the vested interest in exploring these issues. First, I am a young, idealistic student - and a journalist at that. Second, I am a born-and-raised American who wants to find out what is happening to his country. Thirdly, I am half Afghani, and one of my ancestral homelands is being occupied by energy-industry barons and opportunists of all stripes.

This editorial series will be a rare opportunity to directly reach and galvanize the student population of this country, as my work will be available via U-Wire and PR Newswire to be REPRINTED in ALL college newspapers free of charge, without intellectual property difficulties or 'turf wars' between schools.

Be sure to check out the first of these articles on The Minnesota Daily via the link above.

Thanks to Kevin Barrett for the submission and parrotfish44 for the heads up!

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wonderful 20.Jan.2007 12:34


This is great news. Let's hope that it spreads to everywhere in the country, especially now that the official 9/11 conspiracy theory is about to topple over like an obsolete deck of cards.

"afghani"? 20.Jan.2007 16:15

whatever ...

The noun and adjective form of the nationality are both "Afghan" -- i.e., it would be "Afghan-American" and "I am half Afghan." I have never heard the term "Afghani" before except as (1) an American mistake, or (2) a term for Arabs living in or visiting Afghanistan. (Afghanistan is far from the Arab world and the dominant ethnic group is, like, Pashtun or something.)

RE: "afghani"? 20.Jan.2007 20:25


must not be widely traveled then, or very old.

I (yes, an American) have heard the term - single word 'Afghani' which may be 'incorrect' but nevertheless is commonly used - going back 35 years, from my previous residence overseas (MidEast region).

Proud To Be in Minnesota 22.Jan.2007 10:15

GreenPartyMike Minnesota

I am now officially proud to be in Minnesota.

Continue all our work Truth Seekers.

Oh and I guess you can consider this a challenge to have Portland find a way to out-radicalize poor little Minnesota.

In Friendly Jest and Solidarity