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Surge Protection Brigade Strikes Again: Nonviolent Resisters Shut Down Recruitment Center

"Mission Accomplished for today," says the Surge Protection Brigade, as their planned protest at the military recruitment center on NE Broadway and 13th apparently caused the center to shut down for the day. The group gathered at the center this morning at 11:45 and stayed until 1:30. One recruiter came to the center toward the end of the protest, saying he had paperwork to do. He refused to let them in and locked the door as a couple of the protesters tried to force their way in.

A group of grandmothers from the Brigade visited the office Thursday and attempted to dialogue with the recruiters. Many of the women's questions about the health and safety of recruits went unanswered, and the recruiters admitted that they did not offer any information to potential recruits about depleted uranium exposure or the risks involved in a tour of duty in Iraq.
Surge Protection Brigade
Surge Protection Brigade
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