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Surge Protection Brigade Strikes Again: Nonviolent Resisters Shut Down Recruitment Center

"Mission Accomplished for today," says the Surge Protection Brigade, as their planned protest at the military recruitment center on NE Broadway and 13th apparently caused the center to shut down for the day. The group gathered at the center this morning at 11:45 and stayed until 1:30. One recruiter came to the center toward the end of the protest, saying he had paperwork to do. He refused to let them in and locked the door as a couple of the protesters tried to force their way in.
Surge Protection Brigade
Surge Protection Brigade
Surge Protection Brigade
Surge Protection Brigade
Portland Police stop by
Portland Police stop by
GI Joe won't let us in
GI Joe won't let us in
A group of grandmothers from the Brigade visited the office Thursday and attempted to dialogue with the recruiters. Many of the women's questions about the health and safety of recruits went unanswered, and the recruiters admitted that they did not offer any information to potential recruits about depleted uranium exposure or the risks involved in a tour of duty in Iraq.

The Brigade has chosen to protest at recruiting centers because we consider it criminal to tell half-truths and recruit our young men and women to fight in an illegal, immoral occupation. Sara Graham of the Surge Protection Brigade said, "One of my son's friends was killed in Iraq and another is changed irreparably; and the effect goes beyond those directly involved. All of our members know people who've been psychologically shattered by their experiences in Iraq."

Another member, Karen Saal Boyer, said a friend of hers who served in Iraq "experiences a lot of stress and sleeplessness; and the most stress he's experienced is trying to get help from the VA."

The Surge Protection Brigade is committed to escalating nonviolent civil resistance if our government is not responsive to the majority of American voters who want this occupation to end.

Hmm, now they're open? 19.Jan.2007 16:25


At 3pm the shades on one of the doors were up, looked like they were open for business - after they'd claimed they were closed all day for training. Sounds like they weren't courageous enough to take on a bunch of nonviolent protesters.
1/3 of all homeless men are veterans
1/3 of all homeless men are veterans

Our favorite sign 19.Jan.2007 16:49



we need to step up, and join these folks 19.Jan.2007 17:42

ready to go

Good job folks! Let's do this everyday!

Insipring 19.Jan.2007 17:47

SE Portland

BRAVO! Your work is inspiring and admirable. I hope to join you in the next action.

I had a similar thought to pp 19.Jan.2007 18:18


"Sounds like they weren't courageous enough to take on a bunch of nonviolent protesters."

Yes, my thought was "if US soldiers aren't willing to face non-violent protesters, some of whom are older, how are they ever going to face Iraqis who are passionate about removing the US occupation, young, and willing to kill for their beliefs?" Of course, the answer to that question is probably self-evident to most.

way to go! 19.Jan.2007 18:36


This is AWESOME. Keep me posted:  not.rhetorical@gmail.com. I'd love to come to future actions!

Glad I was part of it 19.Jan.2007 19:29


Being snow-bound for 3 days, out of fresh groceries, and errands and all to do for mother, what's the first thing I do when the road is opened up? Head for the Surge Protection Brigade action! About 30 of us showed up, and the recruiters closed the office. Well, at least nobody could get signed up today, as we stopped business. The poster taped to window, "Mission Accomplished?" was perfect.

Sen. Murray in Washington has come out expressing more support for the troops. She pointed out that the VA cannot take care of the veterans now. What will happen with more of them from a surge? We'll see what the congress actually gets done.

Maybe the recruiters got wind of the action through its being announced on Indy. Oh well. Maybe the police alerted them, but the two who talked with us said neither had.

Here's to the Surge Protectors! May their surges stop the surge. It was good to be back with all my peace friends, and I remembered Pat and DeEtte from the Wyden action. Keep up the pressure!

E-mail bounced back 19.Jan.2007 19:32

Jim Lockhart jglockhart@comcast.net

I sent an e-mail to the link provided by the original article,  surgeprotection@yahoogroups.com, and it bounced back........

I'm wanting to contact someone from this group to provide space for them to speak to this issue on Public Access television next Friday evening.

If anyone has a better contact for them, or if anyone from this group reads this, please contact me at the e-mail address accompanying this comment.

Thank you.