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0119 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO news for Friday, January 19th, 2007.
01/19/07 Get This
sui generis

1. Gusher: Portland's Peak Oil task force released a report on ways to reduce dependence on oil and natural gas (Yes, at just about the same time that the Eugene Register Guard came out with what was purported to be a serious news story, extolling the benefits of siting a liquefied natural gas terminal in Coos Bay - complete with a three feet in diameter pipeline running from the coast to the main North-South trunk line. The Register Guard gushes that LNG is making the transition from a local commodity (Like, say, fish?) to a trillion dollar global goldmine.). This peak oil report notes coyly that "economic and social problems could result as fuel supplies decline." - And that's just for openers... .
2. Portland's commission-style government is teetering on the brink of morphing into a "Strong-Mayor" system - which sounds alarmingly close to the evangelical Republicans' apocalyptic 'Strict Father' model of governance and child-rearing. A citizen committee appointed by Mayor Tom Potter wants to consolidate city operations under one leader.
3. Clean & Safe, the Portland Business Alliance's private goon squad has a new 'special' number for citizens to use should they feel overcome by the urge to inform on one another. (Of course, one ought not act up nefarious in downtown Portland, but how do we justify second-guessing one another's behavior or motives.?
4. The Red Cross needs blood - but, hey, who doesn't?
5. And the next story concerns the musings of some wanker in Eugene who thinks that an LNG terminal in Coos Bay will walk his dog, paint his house, make the coffee and blow him... .(see #1 above)
6. In Everett, Washington, DEA agents raided the offices of a medical marijuana advocacy group. So far, no one has been arrested. Washington approved the use of weed through a citizens initiative back in 1998. Oregon and California have similar laws on the books... .Let's secede!
7. More from Northern Cascadia: Democratic Representative Jeannie Darnielle of Tacoma has got it figured out way ahead of her legislative cohorts: since there is no stopping prisoners from having sex in prison, and there is no stopping HIV-AIDS unless condoms are involved, then why not give condoms to prisoners? The Lunatic Fringe of Greater Christendom will inevitably weigh in on the question in due time.
8. It's all happening in Seattle sometimes: The Washington State Supreme court has ruled that Seattle City Light can no longer do its part to curb global warming by paying other people not to pollute. It's called 'carbon trading' and it is the latest supermodel in the portfolios of the very wealthy, where it basks in the shade of Influence.
9. Part and parcel of the Democrats first 100 hours, legislators rolled back the odious legislation that gave oil companies tax breaks and obscenely large royalties. The oil money recovered is going into a trust account for the development of alternative energy (You have never before seen the words 'oil', 'trust' and 'money' used is such close association. We shall not pass this way again... )
10. A group of Methodist ministers from across the nation has launched a campaign to stop the George W. Bush library from being located on the campus of Southern Methodist University because... .wait for it... .such an institution would give Methodists everywhere a bad smell and tarnish the university's reputation.
11. In California, two top lawyers for the Federal Election commission have resigned 'to spend more time with their private sectors.' Or so the official line goes. It has been suggested that they were forced out by Bush administration minions of evil.
12. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California complained on the Senate floor that the Bush administration used an obscure provision of the Patriot Act to remove US Attorney Kevin Ryan and other prosecutors and replace them with stuffed animals... .Actually, they are being replaced by White House allies, but you can see how the confusion arose...
13. The Pentagon has elected to give judges broad discretion to decide what evidence may be presented against suspected al-Qaeda and Taliban members facing military kangaroos. What it did not do was set standards for prosecutors to meet in presenting hearsay and classified evidence. In essence, this means you can be sentenced to death based on a rumor... ..
14. Now That's 'Attitude'!: NWA, Northwest Airlines has apologized to 40 American Muslims who were barred from a recent flight to Detroit after performing Hajj, the sacred pilgrimage to Mecca encumbent upon every good Muslim. The airline apologized, but the Hajjis want compensation.
15. In Istanbul, a well-known and outspoken critic of the Turkish government's Armenian genocide, has been shot. Hrant Dink had - along with his fellow writer and countryman, Orhan Pamuk, been arrested recently for the strange crime of "insulting Turkishness" (What is it? Well, I imagine it's a little like "Enemy combatant" only with a much lighter sentence and more evidence.
16. Tribesmen from a remote village in Pakistani Waziristan say that the air strike early this week which US officials are claiming killed eight terrorist, wiped out innocent civilians. Elders say that the missiles that destroyed a large part of their village were fired from an American plane. (So you see how it all works out? For years we've been bombing the wrong country. Everyone knows that Pakistan is both a nuclear power and also the last refuge of Osama bin Laden. It took Bush a while, but he finally got the right country... . Now all he has to do is find the actual Evil Doers... .)
17. One of Moqtada's al-Sadr's top aides was detained by US forces. (No! No1 Not Iraq! It's Pakistan! Bear right and a bit up... Over there in the mountainous desert region... .) This is going to play very badly in the Arabic press.
18. Pakistan, Israel, perhaps Iran... .Now Jordan's King Abdullah says that his nation is getting its nuke on.
19. Israel is very, very slowly handing over the tax money it stole from the Palestinian government. Trouble is, the money is being handed over to Mahmoud Abbas... ..Ah well, Nobody's perfect... .
20. Sri Lanka says it has captured a strategic Tamil Tiger enclave.
21. Mohamed el-Baradei thinks that these sanctions are going to be a bad fit for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. (Remember this Good Ole Days when we 'diplomacy' wasn't just another word kids had to learn to pass their SAT's?)
22. The south American Economic summit is on and representatives of all the participating nations agree that they have to do something about the poverty - many of them are looking to Venezuela for leadership.
23. And in Uganda, Alice Lakwena has died. Lakwena was the spirit-medium whose wacky proclamations prayers and imprecations spurred on the Lords Resistance Army child soldiers. Drugs played a large role as well. (Here's an interesting coincidence, last week's Sunday Times magazine featured the first person - make that 'first survivor' - account of the experience of a boy who became a child soldier in these Weird Wars that have beset post-colonial Africa.) Alice was absolutely smack out of her mind but, like Hitler and Tony Robbins, she was one hell of a motivator...