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If You Want to Build a Dirty Bomb Cape Cod is Hot, Hot, Hot.

Last year I read an anti wind farm op-ed piece in the N.Y. Times by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
If You Want to Build a Dirty Bomb Cape Cod is Hot, Hot, Hot.

By Lloyd Hart

Last year I read an anti wind farm op-ed piece in the N.Y. Times by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claiming that the shoals where Cape Wind Associates are planning on placing a hundred 130 high production wind turbines to generate electricity is a pristine environment where you could dive on the shoals and see for yourself how wonderful the untouched environment of Cape Cod and Islands really are.

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But what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. forgot to mention in his op-ed was the terrible damage that the commercial draggers and sport fishing fleets have done to the fish stocks of which it was reported this summer even more extreme drops in fish stock numbers and the damage to the bottom of the ocean by the scallop and bottom draggers or the fact that there is a nuclear power plant in Plymouth Mass which suffers regular spills or the fact that there is an oil burning power plant in Dennis, Mass right on the Cape and the fact that the cape and islands have been invaded by millionaires and billionaires' who have completely overdeveloped the Cape and Islands with homes for the rich and the mega rich radically raising the price of real-estate which in turn has created widespread homelessness and on top of that causing the largest nitrogen plume flowing from septic systems causing in sring and summer 2005, extreme red tides and over the last several years in our own Lagoon pond on Martha's Vineyard a collapse of the oxygen levels and therefore a die off of the shellfish. But the most glaring omission from Mr. Kennedy's op-ed piece besides the fact his family owns water front property on the Cape and the Islands is the fact that there are a million barrels of high and low level radioactive waste sitting on the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Cape Cod.

How did these barrels of nuclear waste get there you ask? They got there thanks to the U.S. Department of Defense. The Department of Defense from the beginning of the nuclear age took over the creating and management of all nuclear materials including the disposal of said waste. Consequently the Department of Defense contracted fishing boats and barges to take these barrels that came from research facilities in New England's University system and dumped them into the ocean out to sea.

The late John O'Connor and his friends at Toxics Campaign in Boston discovered the barrels off the coast of Cape Cod and began mapping out exactly where they were and how many of them there are sitting on the bottom as well as taking readings of the levels of radiation emiting from the barrels.

I have attempted to bring up the issue of these barrels of radioactive waste on the air on NPR with the spokesperson for the Department of Defense who was handling the PR for the jet fuel pollution scandal at Otis Air Force Base that has polluted the Capes fresh water supply. I also tried with local politicians and Mindy Todd at the local Cape and Islands NPR radio station to no avail. It seems no one wants to talk about reality when it comes to this so-called pristine environment that the wealthy elites have turned into their rich folks only play ground.

It was reported on local Boston television news back in the 1990's that these barrels were dumped in the ocean off the Massachusetts coast line thanks to John O'Connor's and the Toxic Campaigns work but absolutely nothing has been done about them. As a lifelong anti nuke activist whose family has suffered dearly from exposure to radioactive materials that killed my father and injured my sisters health for life and may one day kill me I can tell you now that over the next 20 years these barrels will kill everything in the sea and on the land throughout the Cape and Islands region.

There is evidence already cropping up that the radiation emitting from these barrels is beginning to affect the undersea life off Cape Cod and the Islands. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency recently reported that they witnessed a mutation in the bacteria that causes shell disease afflicting 30 percent of the lobster catch in the waters between Maine and Long Island Sound. The lobster population migrates up and down the shelf just off the coast of eastern seaboard of North America and they just happen to march right through the area where barrels of radioactive waste are located.

 link to www.boston.com

The radiation emitting from these barrels could also be at the center of the cause of the many whale and dolphin beachings that have occurred over the years like the one that just occurred recently in Cape Cod. With radiation emitting from the barrels and with regular contact with dolphins and whales that pass regularly through the area it is not hard to believe that whales and dolphins could acquire a disease that could cause their sonar to malfunction. Regardless of the cause of these beachings regular contact with high and low level radio isotopes that emit radiation leads to the death and degrading mutations of all life that comes in contact with it.

20 years from now most of those barrels of nuclear waste will have opened and a great deal of that material will have already circulated throughout the area around Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. With cancer rates already well above and beyond state averages in Massachusetts the Cape and Islands will become a dead zone completely uninhabitable because of the levels of radiation that will rise continually unless we get those barrels off the bottom of the ocean right now.

So Mr. Kennedy instead of spreading propaganda of fictitious bird kills and the damage to fishing villages that no longer really exist in any traditional way and who by the way exploited the fish stocks unchecked for four hundred years and are the reason behind the collapse of the cod stocks along the coast of eastern seaboard of the United States and Canada and of endangered shoals that will mysteriously die off as a result of iron and concrete (that actually cause the growth of Sea life) are placed in the water thanks to the windmills and pretending that modern radar can't see through fog. Just maybe you should focus your attention on these barrels of nuclear waste and on the widespread pollution and radical over development of Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Island.

I have supported almost all of your efforts as a fellow activist as well as those efforts of your uncle Ted Kennedy. When I led the lobbying charge to save the Hemp industry in America and formed  http://votehemp.com Senator Kennedy's office was extraordinarily helpful in stopping General Barry McCaffrey the then Clinton appointed drug czar from destroying the fledgling Hemp industry. So I am not your enemy in this matter. I am a concerned colleague that must attempt to prevent you from continuing to embarrass yourself. When I met your uncle for the first time I met someone who was eager to know what was whirling around in my head. As someone who lives on Martha's Vineyard year round and must weather the terrible consequences of the wealthy elites creating one of the most insidious economic and environmental messes in America I must tell you I have absolutely no sympathy for wealthy beachfront and yacht owners nor for fishermen with blinders on and for that matter for you and your family's history on Cape Cod.

However, if you were willing to work with me on cleaning up these barrels of radioactive waste I would quickly forget all about you writing that terrible op-ed piece in the York Times. You see Mr. Kennedy I am not a supporter of wind power that is adamant about the Cape Wind project going forward in that exact location but you have made a mistake in portraying Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket Island and Nantucket Sound as being a pristine environment. You may have permanently damaged your personal reputation as an environmentalist by writing that op-ed piece. In using your prestige to protect your childhood memories and the legacy of your other uncle John F. Kennedy and his love for sailing in and around Nantucket Sound you have exposed a terrible weakness in your personal and professional integrity.

Mr. Kennedy there is a dirty bomb off the coast of Cape Cod and it was planted there by the U.S. Dept. of Defense. Lets clean it up before it explodes or before someone else gets to it.


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