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What Mr. Buchwald might say today
In memory of Mr. Art Buchwald

January 18, 2007, 7:16 PM
This may be the News.

Tony Snow says----Iraqis love us and will go after other Iraqis who we point out as terrorists. Maliki arrested 400 members of Sader's army---only 69,600 left to take out. Al Sader says, that is Bullshit, none of his men have been arrested

Bush says we are not losing in Iraq---just give me 21,000 more and we'll kick ass. Psychiatrists say Bush is delusional and should be replaced.

Today we reached over 3018 soldiers dead----20-25,000 wounded and suffering for the rest of their lives.

Bean counters estimate that it will cost us hundreds of Billions of dollars to care for our brave and wonderful soldiers in the coming years.

Bush invited his friends for a weekend of conversation at Camp David---they were told to bring their wives/husbands and have a good time.

Reports from the UN say 34,000+ innocent Iraqis died last year---Iraqi and American governments say figure is too high but refuse to count the dead.

Bill O'Really said kidnapped kids wanted to stay with their kidnapper because they were having fun. Psychiatrists say Bill is a crazy MF and should be locked up.

Dick Chaney says insurgents are at their last stand and will surrender soon. Cheney also referred to the democrats being cowards, and they'll pay for their sinful interferences.

Bush's weekend was wonderful, he laughed and toasted all his guests, no democrats were invited.

Bush's father is reportedly still crying. Barbara threatens to leave him if he doesn't stop.

More news tomorrow or the next day or next week

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