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Act today for Lebanon!

Dear Friends:

I am writing seeking your help-1 FAX is all it takes- to urge our legislators to provide substantial aid to the people of Lebanon at the upcoming donors conference. Your 10 minutes of time to help aid Lebanon can MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Friday, January 19, is Global Action Day for the war-torn and weary nation of Lebanon!
A polite, brief letter urging support can be crucial in supporting this battered country. Can you do this TOMORROW? This is a GLOBAL project which can make all the difference! PLEASE FORWARD! I FAX! EASY AS THAT!

Simply articulate some of the concerns outlined in the article below, and urge your Legislator to SUPPORT LEBANON out of crisis.

 link to news.yahoo.com

Article by Nayla Razzouk, carried by Agence France Presse: "Lebanon says needs massive global aid"

BEIRUT (AFP) - Lebanon (January 18, 2007)

BEIRUT (AFP) - Lebanon has said it needs to be handed massive amounts of aid at next week's donors' conference in Paris to help the country become a "stabilizing" element in the troubled Middle East.

Entire article at --

 link to news.yahoo.com
Take the $15 Million Per Day We Send to Israel 19.Jan.2007 06:48


If my kids maliciously and deliberately destroyed something , I made them pay for it. We should freeze all aid to Israel until their damage and destruction is repaired. Unfortunately , this will not help the dead , maimed and orphans , but will be a start. Maybe they will think twice before invading another neighbor ( I doubt it )

And send U.S. reparations 19.Jan.2007 13:55


Vic's idea is a good one, but we must realize that it is also our own obligation to all people whose suffering was caused by our policy makers' support of proxies in the Middle East and elsewhere.

NW Delegation 19.Jan.2007 16:06

Den Mark, Vancouver

Almost the entire PacNW congressional delegaton must be reminded constantly of their complicity in the suffering of Lebanon & Palestine at the hands of reactionary Israeli leaders.